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Yes we are..


I must be Evil, Awful and Uncaring. I devour very few books, because I prefer fact to fiction. On the other hand, I read many informative magazines and news sites.

You realize there's a whole world of books in the non-fiction section, yes?

I rarely read fiction. there are many other genres

@maturin1919 I do indeed. I even buy some - and eventually read them!

@Moravian ..... and how does categorise the bible?
I think of it as a history book written by Walter Mitty!


Hmm. What a coincidence this comes up right after I made a post about watching TV.

"However, the results showed the opposite.Β In book readers versus T.V. watchers, the book readers came out on top when displaying more empathetic behavior. They also found that those who mainly watched television actually displayed more anti-social behavior."

I was a constant reader, from the age of four. I was frequently sent to my room alone, so there was nothing better to do. I rarely got to watch the one TV in the house, because I was outnumbered by adults who wanted the news on, or boys who wanted football on. So I read everything.

As my eyes have aged, and eyestrain became a real problem, I reduced my reading to mostly non-fiction, reading for information, and learning. It's not entertainment for me to give myself double vision and tears.

I don't know what that has to do with being anti-social, but whatever. My friends and I enjoy discussing the crazy things that happen on our shows.


Since childhood, I have been a voracious reader. Reading teaches me about different countries, people, families, cultures and increases my understanding and compassion.

In my teens and 20s, I did what I called literature surveys, reading:

  1. Black literature
  2. South American authors
  3. Great Russian literature
  4. Gay writers
  5. William Shakespeare, and more.

Reading increases my vocabulary, enriches my mind, makes me laugh, and thrills me when I read a beautifully-written passage.


I'd go along with that. I read five or six books a week, usually, but I am a very fast reader and I don't have enough to do. I think reading fiction does help people to understand others. I wish more men would read fiction, but most of them don't.


Voracious reader since childhood


We also are near-sighted as heck!

Actually, mine is presbyopia. I didn't need glasses until after 40.


I spent two years at a community college, and six at a university, as a 'non-traditional student'. On my last day at the community college, a new kid came up to me, and asked if I had any advice. I thought about it a moment. Then I told him "Yes! Don't read books! They're bad for your eyes!"


I'll go ahead and be the exception.


I have to agree with that, I usually have three books on the go at the same time. I wonder where people who don't read get their ideas and information from. The internet ?

They listen to Radio 4.

@CeliaVL Good choice. I often listen to it when driving.


Wow... I've read thousands of books. I'll try not to let it go to my head.


I have books on the go at all times, the living room, the bedroom, the bathroom.....& been known to have one in my purse for waiting rooms.......

I spend hours in waiting rooms since I have an elderly and very frail husband so I always have a book to read on my phone and I take my knitting too.

@CeliaVL Yes, better than waiting room fodder.


Here's my counterpunch:

I've watched TV as part of a couple, and as part of a group. It's very social. I walk into the breakroom in the morning, and someone starts a conversation about what was on the night before.

Reading is solitary. It's more difficult to find others who have read what you're reading, and you can't have a discussion about it until you're both finished, without spoiling it.

TV has made me laugh out loud, and cry empathetic tears.

Books make me fall asleep and forget where I left off.

My daughter teaches literature, and she's a diehard TV junkie, like her mom. You won't meet a nicer, kinder person than my Tater Tot.

I would appreciate TV much more if it were not for the incessant mind numbing commercials. I turned off the cable over 2 years ago, I don't miss it.

@HippieChick58, I simply don't watch them. If TV is a social outlet, there's someone there to discuss what you just watched, or theorize about what will happen next, during the break.

Or just go pee and grab a beer.


I don't watch TV, either. Never bought a TV or paid for cable. Against my protests, two people gave me a TV:

  1. My mother in 2003. Used it to watch videos.

  2. John, my boyfriend in 2014. He bought a smart TV for me and thankfully, hooked it up. I use it to watch Netflix.

@LiterateHiker, yes I see a lot of that on this site. Sometimes the posts and comments here make me feel like I don't belong here at all, like I'm just too...common? Low-class? Dumb?

I'm very slowly finding people who are more like me, so I'm not thinking about quitting as often. Maybe it's paranoia, but sometimes I feel like posts are created as a slap in my face. This came up right after my post about there not being many groups about TV, which got a tiny fraction of the response this post did.

I don't agree with the linked article, but I won't slink away in shame about it either.


My reply was intended for @HippieChick58. My apologies.

You are welcome here! Click on the Groups tab at the top of this page. Hopefully, you will find more like minded people.

@LiterateHiker, oops, I completely missed that, sorry to interrupt. My little tantrum stands, because I was going to post that somewhere anyway.

@Ms_McSteven I am so sorry you're not having a great time here. I hope I haven't done anything to make you feel "common" or anything like that. One of the things I like about this site is the broad range of responses. Yes, I prefer books to TV, I'm odd that way and I admit it. I may get more responses because I've been here for so long, and I'm a very active user. Or it just may be the time of day things are posted. I don't know. I probably spend far too many hours here, but it is my therapy and my online home. I did not create my post to criticize you. I saw an interesting (to me) article and I posted it. I am fascinated by the responses. I have found many like minded folks on this site, and I think you will too. Please don't give up. And please don't take any responses personally. Printed word is hard to read emotions behind. If it doesn't sit well ask for clarity, we have some sarcastic people who are hard to read, a bit of clarity can work wonders. I appreciate your presence, and I appreciate that you're outlook is different from mine.

@HippieChick58, the impetus for my post was the anti-TV comments on another post yesterday. Yours just came right on the heels of mine. I don't believe you would do that on purpose, to attack me, because you do seem like a nice person. I've just had the experience here a few other times where I make a comment, and the basic element of what I just said turns into a post from someone else. And sometimes it's derogatory to the point of thinking WTF just happened? Am I being spoofed?

For the most part, I am having fun here, but truth be told, I know I'm different and unlikely to make real friends here.

I don't sip fine wine, I drink beer.
I don't read fine literature, I watch Anerican Ninja Warrior.
I don't care for romantic walks in the park, I want to scream on rollercoasters.

I could go on, but you get the point.

@Ms_McSteven I envy you the roller coasters, I had to give them up a few years ago, all of the sudden they gave me a massive headache. Bummer, I loved roller coasters. But I get you, and I think it is cool. I love to read, but I think poetry sucks. None of us are the same, but we can coexist peacefully. I think you will find some of your tribe here. Be who you are and they will find you.

@HippieChick58, I'm trying. At least I know there are other bus drivers here now, so I'm making slow progress.


Those with the ability to read are fortunate , there are many with learning disabilities who have a hard time with it and I would not say they are less empathetic or cruel

Absolutely right! I drive special needs kids, most of whom will never read a word, but they understand when their friends are hurting or upset, and do their best to show comfort.


And since you are aware of that fact, then you must appreciate writers since we live in books constantly even though we are only writing them!


Love to read!! But I'm still a bitch. πŸ™‚

When the situation merits, I'm the queen bitch. But only when needed. I don't come out of the gate with bitch full on. My tendency is to be helpful and kind. Screw with me or anyone I consider my kid, mama bear comes out.

@HippieChick58 Yes, this is how I am also. Test my limits tho and I will call you out. "nice" girls are suppose to behave -hahahahaha


I guess being sociable and being nice are not the same thing.

But I knew that, I think. I hope.


meh, I've been acquainted with some right a-holes who were voracious readers.

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