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Favorite music for a stygian day?

We're under another winter weather advisory here. It is snowing and caliginous outside. I find myself feeling a trifle atrabilious so turned to one of my favorite artists for when I'm in this mood: Neko Case. Who do you listen when melancholy beckons?

BookDeath 8 Mar 12

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Being that stygian, when I just looked it up, refers to both ill-tempered & dark/dreary, I'd like to present a fitting example of both by a truly "class" metal band that would be better known in a better world IMO. Please try to stick with this one for a bit if this sort of music is not normally to your liking, as around 1:28, a quality melancholy melody appears, and some well done conventional singing also appears.


Keeping to the themes of melancholy and winter, here's a short instrumental "Snow Bound", from one of my favorite metal bands, of whom I previously posted another song.


I don't emo often but when I do its to heavy metal


Why would snow make you feel "atrabilious?"
Whenever I saw snow in Morehead, KY, I got excited..time to head for the nearest slope for a sled run, or go skijoring with the horses. After the snow stopped, the next day I'd go out to snoop on all the wild animal goings on..where the red fox pair caught a rabbit, where the female coyote passed, etc. If the cold snap extended to WV, I'd head for the ski slopes there (Kentucky's ski slopes were awful).

Pic: my kids skijoring with my son's horse, Black Jack, when my daughter was eight, and my son eleven, on our Morehead farm.

Wish we were neighbors!

Snow per se doesn't. Just that particular day. IT was extremely overcast,; we were under our usual winter weather advisory; I was ill at the time......


A little Iggy works:

JK666 Level 7 Mar 12, 2018

Just askex Alexa to put Chopin since you asked.


Michael Hoppe, new age, anything cello


The Smiths

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