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Are you tired of speculation in new stories?

It's not news. It's speculation. And it causes anxiety.

With Trump's chaos, I feel tired of:

  1. constant speculation
  2. exhaustive analysis
  3. panel discussions
  4. "What does it mean?"
  5. "What if?"
  6. "The sky is falling!"

Your thoughts?

LiterateHiker 9 June 13

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I think the larger problem is the decline in critical thinking in this country. Many people can no longer tell news--facts and demonstrable reality--from that which is not news--speculation, editorial, opinion, pseudoscience, superstition, and flat-out fabrication.

Some people's horseshit detectors are broken, and others never had the fuckers installed properly to begin with.

Some of this we can blame on a school system built from pure shit. You can't teach a person to think and apply what he or she knows or learns if you're teaching them to memorize what might appear on a standardized test.

Still, what do you say about people who went through our schools BEFORE that became standard operating procedure? Who were around for the Fairness Doctrine, and before network news divisions were changed from running at a loss as a public service to being adjunct to the network entertainment divisions?

There are people who remember how things used to be, and almost all of them voted for the Cretin-in-Chief.


I think much of this stems from the fairness doctrine no longer being enforced. Rather than news being considered a public service necessary for the renewal of of a broadcast license, it is now monetized and part of the entertainment division of the major networks.
It’s competition for viewers, rather than an honest attempt to inform the citizens.
“If it bleeds - it leads”


Andy Warhol famously predicted that “In the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes.” With the advent of social media such as Facebook and Twitter, and continuous news coverage, you can be famous for way longer than 15 minutes if you do something spectacular.

Many in the media seem intent on making these incidents as big a spectacle as possible, churning out phrases like “the worst shooting of its kind in history,” or “the worst grade school shooting” ever. By narrowing their definition with terms like “of its kind” and “grade school” they can say it’s the worst ever. They treat Christmas shoppers and innocent children like sports scores.


Sometimes I think the news outlets are just trying to outdo each other. I can only take the stuff in small doses.


You guys need another amendment to your constitution to prevent this from happenning again with Drump and should have something similiar here also


Don't confuse the news with commentary. If one can't tell the difference, turn off the television, and stay in the dark.


I can tell it's speculation from the headline.

@LiterateHiker How is your foot?


Slowly getting better. Diagonal fractures take longer to heal. Still in the boot.

The good news is this is Week 3 of working out: weights, rowing machine, abdominals and stretching. Already worked out twice this week. I feel great.

@LiterateHiker When does the boot come off? You must be jonesing to go hiking.


Diagonal fractures take longer to heal. No idea how long it will take. Will get another x-ray and see my podiatrist in two weeks.

"An elderly male patient broke three toes in a row diagonally, exactly like yours," the podiatrist said. "It's been six months, and the fractures still have not healed."

"This is temporary" is my mantra. If I miss a summer of hiking, that's a small time period in my long life. Working out at the gym makes me feel like a million dollars.

A positive attitude is essential.


Personally, I am sick of the news just reporting what peopel , liek Trump, says, without ever doing any investigation as to what is beign said is actually true or not. It is little more than tabloid reporting (gossip) dresssed up as actual information. You may as well have pepoel like P.T. Barnum or Jerry Springer as news anchors.


seems that at least half of every NEWS programme is now speculation about 'what may happen if'


In the UK you can replace Trump for Brexit. Overall, anxiety leans towards people becoming exhausted with the problem.
With Trump, he continues to make mistakes that cannot be accepted by a world leader, yet he brushes them off with a simple statement 'Fake News'. He refuses to face or at appears not to understand the facts. He recently denied making statements about Meghan Markel, the Mayor of London and Micheal Gove. Gove could be the next British Prime Minister!
Somehow he has weathered being a very poor businessman and is applying the same methods of failure to your country.
To address the speculation in the news. Western news media is more to do with entertainment than facts, and like in a movie, situations need to be settled in 120 minutes or so. The true fallout of Trump (or Brexit) will not be known for at least a decade. This is because they are unknown quantities. Even George W. Bush followed the rules and conventions of a POTUS.
Did you know that the present that H.M. Queen Lizzie was a book? Next time they meet, she should quiz him on the contents.


I listen to NPR lately and limit viewing unless a progressive that gives me hope


You mean news stories, right? Yes, speculation is going beyond the bare facts. If we don't learn from the news there is no point other than to be momentarily entertained I suppose. People do need to think for themselves but they often need a kick start to explore what the implications of the days' news could mean to us and our society.


I have to read the news...I get physically ill when I even hear him speak...if I do watch anything, I do it in closed-captions...but then, I can't stand seeing him either...

So, yeah...tired of it all, but still need to keep up and be ready to call or write my congressman...

Yes it is the content of what's in the news (Trump for example) that is the issue, not just how the news is delivered. There's nothing wrong with speculating what the implications are of what he does and says. He is very hard to listen to for me too. I can't stand noise, nonsense and what it's doing to our/my country.

@AlbertSchepis Agree! I prefer an almost straight forward cut and dry article with no additional comments that have nothing to do with what is presented....opinion pieces are fine, but they tend to be the same opinions over and over and are quite boring and predictable...the delivery method is important to me because of the additional factors of sight(facial and body language) and tone (inflection, volume..)thrown into the mix...reading, at least, focuses me on the pertinent information...I am smart enough to assess the implications on my own based on historical knowledge and experience...


Immediately I turn off the radio or video when Marmalade Mussolini appears. He makes me sick. Can't stand listening or watching his racist, sexist vitriol and constant lies.

@LiterateHiker Yet another thing we have in common...


No shit very tired of his smoke and mirrors distraction

bobwjr Level 10 June 13, 2019

I wish they would impeach him and get it over with. We need to fix hi bs as soon as possible.

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