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What quality or trait do you have that You really like about yourself?

DanaCNA 4 Mar 12

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I am loyal, trustworthy, nice, fun, sarcastic, and try to live In The Moment ! ( Oh , dang, Did you say one ? )


I wish I had more empathy.


I'm good at making an awkward moment more awkward. Like telling poop jokes at a funeral, for instance.

Hmmmm. I've had them rolling in the aisle with some of the stuff I've said.


My self control.


Brutally honest.


Eh, I could use improvement.


My sense of the ridiculous, especially where I am concerned.


I'm not the clique type. I value diversity among friends and aquaintences.


My insatiable curiosity about so many things.


I smell nice...right now.

Donot, That made me laugh. Glad you think you smell nice. Some days I smell like horse sweat and leather, but I like that too.

@Archer I smell nice right now...who knows for how long.
Leather smells great, btw.

@Archer I used to bury my nose in my horses' manes to sniff their sweet, grassy scent.


Good question. I love the fact that I'm definitely different than a lot of people because I am suspicious of people who do or think a certain way, simply because everybody else does it. I am open minded enough to think for myself and I find that some people bore me if they're not different in some significant way. I also like the idea that I am curious about a lot of things and listening to people teaches me and I'm never too old to learn.


That I can be as honest and straight forward even to a fault and not worry about how ppl will judge me, I know there are others out there that think like me and those are the ones I will make friends and family with so that I don't have to censor myself or hide my true thoughts about something

jorj Level 8 Mar 12, 2018

My honesty


I might be sarcastic.

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