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LINK Man must pay ex $15M after winning lottery during divorce, arbitrator rules

Serves him right? Fair? What do you think?

IAJO163 7 June 21

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He kept $24M. That should be enough, but it is still unfair. If it counts as income, then it should be averaged with the prior 9 years of marriage income.

The ex-wife should have to pay half for all the hookers he buys to replace her.


He should have waited until the divorce was finalized, before cashing in the ticket.


Actually not fair not together when he won just greedy lawyers

bobwjr Level 9 June 21, 2019

Definitely fair...still married still subject to joint property laws. Is $24M not enough for him...greedy sod?


Eah. What's the difference $15M or $30M. #) would probably just get you in trouble.

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