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Looks like Tillerson is out and Pompeo is in. It s like musical chairs

btroje 9 Mar 13

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The trumpir parade just continues to grow next up kelly and his friend ( can't spell name). What is not made public unless you look for it is how many of the lower staff in all positions are also leaving and there are quite a few giving up jobs many have had for years.

Every once in a while CNN will say the energy in the west wing is intense and most are scared to death. I would quit before I allowed someone to torture me like that. I would make enough money to live somehow. Quit and run to the news media and for some money blab your ass off.


I think I did. I could tell you what I really think, but no one would probably allow me to post in the group again or be a member. I think what i said was somewhat adequate. lol.


Makes me dizzy!!

5 it's down to a 2 ring circus..the fool is a dolt..


Lindsay Graham looks scared shitless .
I don't like or respect him, but if he's scared things are on a slide...


Isn't 45 a lowly piece of shit? Tillerson found out by reading Twitter. What kind of head of a country does business that way? 45 is a stupid, moronic, evil, demonic jackass. 45 needs put out of the white house before we have mob rule. 45 also fired Tillerson next staff person when he dropped Tillerson. So Tillerson's next in command fired also!

I didnt know about the Twitter notice. Similar to how he got rid of Comey though

Tell us what you really think 🙂

@PappyOnWings she needs encouragement and support🙂


And the parade he wanted continues

Some crazy shit! I wonder how big the "parade" will be by the end of his term?

Not as big as it could be since he hasn't or can't fill many positions. We can only hope this whole term ends as vp is as bad as trumpie.

There seems to be no end to the potenial

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