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Does anyone lIke thIs guy/

sassygirl3869 9 Mar 13

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No he is a duplicate of trumpie maybe even his double in disquise !!!!


He is the reason I was motivated to make the call to turn off cable TV. His face kept showing up in my living room during the Iowa Primaries. Nope, he is not welcome in my house.

You need to look at everybody's ideas especially when you don't agree with them. Everybody thinks what they believe is correct. But that is not always true we always make mistakes that's what part of being human is. I'd been called a moron by people on this website because they don't agree with my opinions on certain things. That's why I'm agnostic I look at both sides of everything and sometimes I do draw wrong conclusions but other times I am correct in my belief

@dc65 I heard enough of his ideas to know that he's a dipstick with no morals and no intelligence. I don't need to be bombarded by his bombast. He's a pimple on the huge pimple of the Republican party.

@HippieChick58 I don't like the man either but he is not 100% wrong on everything. I would not vote for him.


I don’t


Apparently his own daughter doesn't like him either.

I felt so sorry for his kids! Ewwww! I'd feel sorry for his wife, but that is her choice and her burden.

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