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Now I understand my mother better. Now I understand her motive when she would give me some broken thing and ask me if I could fix it. Which of course I couldn't but I didn't know that until I tried. Or she'd watch me do something stupid and not say a word until I was in trouble, then she'd guide me on fixing my mess. There were boundaries but the boundaries were generally beyond where I wanted to go, anyway.

Great Mom, wise woman!


This is wonderful, I plan to bring it to my children's attention.

One of the most annoying things my ex would do was they would start a sentence with "I wonder" and he'd shoot them down. The grew up pretty great despite him, but OMG, with a little encouragement one of them could have cured cancer already!

And I love, love, love Neil Tyson.

Yeah, he's one of my favorites too. Almost always has something good to say.


My man!

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