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Can true feminism ever be achieved?

Women are grossly underrepresented in the vast majority of global politics. Many laws are still rooted in patriarchy, even within the first world.

There are many limits or outright bans to women’s reproductive rights like abortion, which at times even grants rights to her rapist of their child. Majority of these governing bodies are men.

Gender roles also typically favor men. There are many jobs where men by far outnumber women and intimidation often diminishes whatever gains women have made particularly in STEM-related fields.

The most popular team sports are played by men despite a more proportionate fan base of women contributing their money to the male leagues.

Men tend to be well represented in all fields even in professions including where it’s jobs where women are the majority.

There’s been significant pushback against media franchises like Star Wars that are more inclusive, like those who complain about SJW from bigots and meninists alike.

Meanwhile the only time women’s hockey ever gets mainstream attention in the US is during the Olympics. Female bodybuilders and larger women are still pariahs of society, because women tend to only be allowed to be viewed in a specific shape.

We see males of all shapes and sizes in all different roles from comedic to serious. While skinny women can obtain the same range, women who don’t fit that mold are often regulated to novelties or specifically regulated to buffoon slapstick humor.

If women were allowed to do everything men could like hold their own national sports leagues, become equally encouraged to be in STEM fields especially engineering, would true equality exist in the future or would we see more of the same?

Vipyr82 7 Mar 13

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Boo men. I don’t see them as necessary. I won’t change my position. Feminism has failed. Time to get militant.


I was a plasterer, always hte only woman on site, got shedloads of shit from men, when working on large projects they would use my mixing bucket and leave it dirty and always walk away from me at any break times . An old man passing by when I was pointing a gable end, shouted at me that I was taking jobs of scousers and I ran down the ladder and chased him and made him apologise - There were too many instances to count sexism alive and kicking last time I looked ;

Purging toxicity is a long systemic process. If more women are hired and men can be punished for partaking in unacceptable behavior, it might improve things. Seems like zero tolerance is a double-edged sword because if they lose their job barring any direct assault and/or battery, it can create a martyr out of them especially if he’s well-liked.

I would propose a heavy fine at first, then termination if behavior persists. Let them hang themselves after hitting them where it hurts, in the pocketbook.

I honestly don’t know what else could work to make these assholes listen.

As far as passers by, there should be those in security roles who can take care of assholes like that and kick them out of the area.

Electrician here. 3rd generation. My local was made up of straight suburban white men. They refused to allow hardly any women to apply, take the test, go through training and apprenticeship. Women had to sue to get in (the settlement was a 40% female quota.) I also had to hire a lawyer to become a journey person. I was not sexually harassed, but it was tough, I had a little one by then and no partner. I was dismised by (surprise) twelve white straight men. Time for another lawyer. Sometimes you win the battle but lose the war.
I am a feminist but even more, a humanist. Some of the things that are done in the name of feminism - I am sorry- are redolent of knee jerk solutions. Like Gillibrand attacking Al Franken for being such an oaf, meanwhile pederasts & molesters are prominent republicans with party support. We attack our allies for being such jerks while criminals are sitting in the ultra white house. I learned I have to define feminism for myself and no leaders are going to do that for me. Sexism esp among so called conservative men is almost bordering on sickness and the so called right to lifers, nothing but hateful frauds and slut shaming women haters. I am a tomboy and don't want to be limited or defined by reactionary clods like that.


Yes it will be achieved and sooner than we expect. It is just so primal to believe women are less than man, The only people sucking this stuff are the religious ones and they are now under assault by the intelligence in the USA. The younger generation today is very well spoken and have the ability to change things. They do not see race as an issue, they do not recognize prejudice the way older people did. Women have played a huge roll in their lives , much more than before. Yes they will one day rise above the illiterate and find knowledge in our species

EMC2 Level 8 Mar 20, 2018

We also become far more abrasive than ever before with the echo chamber known as social media.


"Can true feminism ever be achieved" is a nonsensical question. One would suppose that the more appropriate query be something like, ‘Can true gender equality [or, if you prefer a more loaded term, ‘parity’] ever be achieved?’ Assuming, for the sake of this discussion, that your references to sports—which are merely a form of entertainment—are not central to the question, why should we picture a future with anything other gender equality? Gender equality goes way beyond entertainment (sports), and full equality (of opportunity and compensation) is the goal, after all, is it not?

Guess I could say “gender equality”, but since there are those misinterpret the term, then the choice of wording is intentional.


I have no idea about sports and, frankly, do not care. Although a pay gap still exists and women make less money than do men, more women than men are getting college degrees. []

If this trend continues, the paradigm could shift and in the near future. On the other hand, with the present sexist, anti-woman administration, who knows?

I know a couple of you isolated my points about sports. I only cited them as examples. While a number of you don’t care, it’s about those who do care as to not to limit their potential as many women often find themselves doing when they show an interest.

Many women’s interest have limits as to what they can do as t relates to available fields. My entire point is that they shouldn’t be limited because of their gender as opposed to what is available to their male counterparts.

The lack of female representation in the STEM fields is what I am talking about and is gender pay gap is just one such example of the result from this inequality.

Women NEED to do everything men are doing so the inequality can be reduced over time socially and economically.

@Vipyr82 The gap absolutely needs to be reduced, and more and more women are entering the STEM fields. 🙂

@Gwendolyn2018 It’s also about staying in them too. When I covered the news in this one community, an elementary teacher told me she had an engineering friend who actually went into medical school simply, because of how hostile her field became. (Yes, I know the person there is still technically in a STEM field).

While it’s great to expand your resume and versatility. No one should ever have to change their profession due to their own experience with toxicity.

@Vipyr82 It is immeasurable sad that someone would feel that "need." Alas.


Let's hope not.


By the time we achieve full feminismit will just be the way things are. It will simply be equality

That’s the purpose of feminism is to achieve equality. Many misconstrue it as some imposed matriarchy.


I think i have had only small tasters such as a 'Reclaim the night march for women' and 'Boys rule not ok days' Laurieston hall in scotland had a womens week once which was a good time I remember sitting on a form with others and somebody handeed me a screen printed poster proclaiming 'Sisterhood is Powerful and as i took it the form collapsed and we all sprawled on to the floor


Maybe misandry is the answer? Just saying. iI's time to fight. If misogyny is acceptable, and controls our government, men should expect rageand consequences.
Oh, according to piece on 60 Minutes, cloning has made men irrelevant. Something to consider.

Scientists are currently testing a way to see if sperm can de developed from donor stem’s cells. In the case of a lesbian couple, the donor to her conceiving partner.

@jorj Give women five years without men (Y: The Last Man) and we will save the world. Like we have to do every time,..

@jorj It was a really exciting piece on 60 Minutes. Cloning has become a reliable reproductive technique. My father has deteriorating glaucoma, and both my parents worry about dementia, so I am always excited by scientific advancement.


FEMINISM is the natural state of humanity much like bee hives and cooperative species societies....we humans nurture one another without mystification of FEMINIST source of life.... the first religion was a male telling a fake story about how pregnancy concludes or begins for that matter....FEMINISM will rise up and resume it's natural order of society when all people reject patriarchy, theocracy and greed for PEACE THROUGH GREEN JOBS


We are on the same wavelength.


In my 81 year lifetime, I have seen huge advances in the reduction in gender bias and I predict that within the next 25 years we will see real gender equality in the culture of our country and in many advanced cultures. Those dominated by religion are and will continue to be a different story.

I want that 100 percent. I know it's better, but we should never, as a species or as individuals, settle for progress. We should always be striving for more.


I believe it can, I am just amazed at how the differences came about in the first place. Then again, equality has never been a strong point for humans. Other species can be female dominant. Imagine being an angler fish.

Vikings had fairer property laws when it came to ownership between the genders. They also were I believe the first organized society to make rape a crime.


I think it should but probably not, especially with religion in place.


I’m not sure because women have to lead the way. Women’s sports is not a thing because women don’t support them. Soap operas stay on the air because of viewership the WNBA would be if they could get the viewers. Women outnumber men in the US yet women overwhelmingly vote for men. This is primarily because of gender roles Religious society has imposed on them. The most common Halloween costume for young girls is a princess. Social pressure has allowed to raise kids with predetermined gender roles. Men like sports, women like soaps. Women have to be the change they desire. I’ve seen too many women talk bad about women in politics. They talk about how they look or dress, as if that shit matters! Women have control if they stand together!

Women's sports are chiefly held back by a lack of media coverage. Without it, sponsors don't want to get involved because they don't get the exposure they get from sponsoring men's sports and the public are less aware that it exists. That lack of funds means women's sports can't be developed into the industry that men's sport has become, which in turn discourages media interest and thus perpetuates the cycle - it's notable that in a few instances where the media has begun to provide coverage (soccer, rugby, cricket, cycling), women's sport has grown massively over the last few years.

@Jnei It has to start somewhere right? If we want to erode misogyny away, we need to see more women doing the same things men do.

It’s sociologically imperative that women be allowed to do these things for better long term health of our society. The men’s leagues have had a century head start and the game was far from polished then.

The WNBA, despite their financial struggles, have stayed afloat because the NBA knows how important it is to help foster that culture of equality.

Will it ever make the money it should? Well as long as there are networks willing to show games and there’s quite a huge variety of programming available all over the country, there are always options. Even cable isn’t the only option for media coverage with the streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon always starving for new programming.

@Vipyr82 I couldn't say for certain with other sports, but in my sport - cycling - women's racing has coexisted with men's for as long as the sport has existed (in fact a surprising number of female cyclists became household names in the early 20th Century).

The trouble is, the networks aren't willing to show it. We get a few of the top international races on Eurosport, but in most cases it'll be ten minutes of the finish before cutting back to the men or, in the case of highlights shows, five or ten minutes tacked on at the end. That only gives the impression that women's sport is an afterthought. Over the last ten years, women's cycling has become massively more popular and I know through contacts in the media that the majority of reporters would like to see more women's sport coverage, but the people who control the purse strings are unwilling to take a risk. All it'll take is for channel to start showing it and we'll really be getting somewhere.


Ever? Yes. Will it take a while? Yes.

I adore how many women and scientists are running for office.

Who runs the world?

Personally I think the world would run far more efficiently if it were run by scientists than career poiliticians.

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