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Does anyone in here have, know someone who has, or love someone who has schizoid personality disorder? We found out my ex has this disorder (among other things) a bit over a year ago after living together for 15 years and struggling to make our relationship work despite all the odd things that he did. He told me before I moved in that he was "wired differently" but neither of us knew why. I'm trying to rebuild my life now while we are apart, I pretty much lost sight of who I was because our life had to be so much about what HE could stand. I'm just wondering, since it's such a rare disorder, if anyone here can relate? #schizoid #personality disorder #covert

Lauriegk 3 Mar 14

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I lived with a bipolar stripper for about 3 months. Love is a strong word here but the sex was transcendent. She was also an alcoholic so the relationship bombed fairly quickly. Found her meds in the trash after I got her out. Looking back, even though it cost a fortune to get her in another apartment (I had to bribe the manager), I still remember fondly the talents she did have.


Therapy is in order for you. I know because I was married (15 years) and had kids with a Borderline Personality Disordered woman (my diagnosis). I am not a professional, but I think we often have better insights into their moods and behaviors to ultimate make a better diagnosis than many professionals. Mental health professionals only get one side of the story and their exposure to the patient is very limited. So even when you get a diagnosis like Depression, PTSD and mild dissociative tendancy in her case it really makes no difference.

Taking Care of yourself is paramount, it may sound selfish, but it is really the best thing for you. Once the Brain is Wired a certain way, through genetics and enviroment (usually in early childhood development) it can be moderate to extremely difficult or maybe even impossible to alter the behaviors in any meaningful way. I found Therapy, Research and Support Groups to be especially helpful. Remember Life is your future, not your past. Good Luck to you!

Since I moved to a new state and had to get a new job, I'm still waiting for my insurance to kick in. I had already started some therapy before I left California, and plan to continue. I need to get back to myself for sure. Thanks for your supportive comment, I really appreciate it.


I wouldn't have called it rare, my ex has anti-social personality disorder (according to the mental health people). Some similar traits to schizoid, and some just the opposite. I tolerated it for years but after lots of problems and comments from her mother agreeing with me, I took the kids and we left. My ex doesn't miss us, just my income as she now has to work herself. There should be a blood test or something and a law to stop people like this getting into relationships, it has resulted in me wasting a lot of my adult life and certainly left my kids with out any motherly affection.

It's strange, but he does miss me, just not in the way that one would expect from someone who'd been in a relationship for almost 20 years, 15+ of them living together. I'm the one who's life had to completely change, but I have to say that I'm glad he's getting help to figure all this out. It had to be a horrible feeling to feel so out of control and unable to understand why he wasn't able to feel.


Lived 10 years with bi-polar that used weed and beer to medicate. Total denial-hereditary in his family. Ended relationship 9 years ago. I had to find myself again too-stay strong.


My kids mother has full on schizophrenia That is the main reason that I have sole custody and have been a single parent so long.

can relate, became a single parent in the 90s, and eventually was awarded sole custody.

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