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So sad but so true..

mistymoon77 9 Mar 14

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IDK if it's true but I read that the native peoples who lived above the arctic circle, prior to white european whaler shipwrecks, had no word in their language for murder or rape. Although they had a rich language with even 35 words for different types of snow. Ya just never know if man in the future in some future place can live in peace. I believe.


Humanity sucks, always has, and it appears there is nothing on the horizon that is going to change that.


Think of the big G word greed. Your post reminds me of how the people on Star Trek the next generation are and wealth is never an issue.

Of course they never explained how that worked.

@Sticks48 Warp speed does that to you.

@godef I can relate. I've been at warp speed a few times. I have a feeling you have too. 🙂


You forgot Gender. Fortunately, we are all endowd withworking brains and rational thought which alows us to think about and discriminate against such dividers.

Doesn't Religion cover the gender divide?


Class is the biggest divider of all in my opinion. They all seem to play off of each other though.


Indeed sadly true


To a lot of people that is what diversity is all about. Unfortunately, sometimes diversity can be another term for invasive species.


In Every social system, there has been the few in power, and the rest without (the less heavy the division between haves, and have-nots - the longer the system has apparently been able to survive) Roman empire, pretty decent run - all the kingdoms through the Middle ages, not so much.. Out of modern nations, we've really regressed since the reign of Reagan, to the point where even the 'champions of the poor' are nothing better than slightly-liberal conservative moderates. We Need a revolution here.. Social responsibility does work, in Scandinavia, most of Europe (even with the erosive attempts by conservative factions)


We need to fight by voting for change.

I did my part by voting for this guy. I can't help that the majority of America is stupid!



All we can do is for each of us to work for the good of humanity. We can buck the trends and make a difference.

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