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The hIstory of gIvIng the bIrd goes back to french and IndIan war. They would cut off the mIddle fInger of enemy so they could not shoot theIr arrows.

sassygirl3869 9 Mar 14

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That explanation is usually given for "the two-finger salute" or V-sign which is said to date from the Battle of Agincourt, but doesn't seem to be true - there is no documentary evidence and as longbowmen were common soldiers they'd have been executed if captured due to having no hostage value at that time.

"The bird" is in fact much older, having been used as long ago as Classical Greece.

Jnei Level 8 Mar 14, 2018

it's true. the longbow was by far the most powerful stringed weapon of all of them. the English had to start building up their muscles from children to actually use one. the arrow could go through your armour, the chainmail, your leg, back through the chainmail and armour, threw the saddle and just touch the horse.

@LeighShelton It's one of those stories "everyone knows is true" but there's actually no evidence to support it at all. What's more, using a longbow requires three fingers - so the French would have been more likely to chop off three than two. 🙂

it is true because the English used to taunt the french with the 2 fingers but no need to argue the point lol. why would they cut off one finger for the same reason?


It was the french cutting of the two fingers of english longbow soldiers as it goes.


Omg! I didn't know that. Sometimes it's so interesting, when you find out the origin of something, that seems so ordinary

i didn't know either but I am a history buff.

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