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Fixed running shoe. Guess what I used!

"If your bone spur doesn't hurt, there's no point in surgery," the podiatrist. "The foot has a large number of nerves that surgery could damage."

"Take pressure off the bone spur by re-lacing your running shoe and hiking boot." My hero.

Look what I did! New running shoes.

Since the 7th grade when I learned to sew, I have saved buttons, sequins, hooks, snaps, parachute cord- sewing notions- in my sewing box in case I ever need it.

Can you guess what I used? Hint- What basic women's garment has hooks?

LiterateHiker 9 July 6

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Thanks! I'm going to pass this on to my youngest daughter who's a triathlete like her old man! 🙂


Bone spur?
You may end up as president!


Clever. Is there an acceptable shoe you can switch to with no laces, just a velcro closure for example?


Velcro shoe fasteners are for little kids, before they learn to tie laces.

I saw none for adults.


Wouldn't it be simpler merely to re-lace the boot and miss out the pertinent lace holes?


With my old running shoe, I skipped lace holes. Unfortunately:

  1. My shoe yawned open and lost its support.

  2. The tongue sank down. Kept yanking it up.

  3. Suddenly I had absurdly long laces, a tripping hazard.


I recently saw another surprising use for bra hooks. Pretty sure I saw it on a friend's feed on FB, not here, namely, as a veterinary tool for repairing cracked turtle and tortoise shells. If you Google "bra hooks for turtles," you'll get all kinds of hits from the last week or so.



We have another winner! Good job, @vertrauen!


No man would ever think of doing that. I thought you were still in recovery.


I am in recovery mode. Today I walked fast for two miles. Got new running shoes because the old ones were worn out.

This week:

On two days, walked fast for three miles. My toe complained, so I backed off.

On two days, used the rowing machine, lifted weights and stretched.

Exercise makes me feel happy.

We are not much when it comes to needle and thread.
But give us a hammer and nails and just watch us get in trouble.

@PondartIncbendog Oh, I don't know about you not being good with needle and thread. My son just bought himself a sewing machine and is doing very nicely with it, and he is not gay either.

@Jolanta I had a sewing machine. I couldn't figure out how to rethread the thing.

@PondartIncbendog Don't you know any women you could ask to show you, or how about the manual?

@Jolanta I don't know any women at all,,,,,,,,sniff, sniff.
The manual was so old it gave me allergies when I opened it.

@PondartIncbendog oh you lonely one with all those allergies

@Jolanta Crying shame........


Dash clever.


You never want anyone to be looking too low when they say your bra is showing. Yikes!

But in this case it's brilliant.



We have another winner! Good job!

Love your sense of humor.

Never had that happen!


Much better than some of the fixes I have used on my shoes. My go to was athletic tape.


Thank you. Get thee to a fabric store.

@LiterateHiker back when I was still running, You could always depend on several trainers having athletic tape. Since I retired from running, I haven't had to do so many work arounds.


They use to call that jimmy rigged then it went to McGivered I don't know what the kids call it now.


I call it creative problem-solving.

@LiterateHiker I still keep a roll of duct tape and a multi-tool handy.


I have duct-tape wrapped around my hiking pole. Useful for fixing a tent, boot or clothing or securing a splint.



We have two winners! Good job, @thinktwice and @oldFloyd !

I searched my sewing box for something:

  1. White to blend in (a minor consideration).
  2. Soft, flexible and comfortable.
  3. That can hold several laces together.

Rejected Velcro because it would stick to the laces. A pain.

Excellent choice for the refit/update! 👍


love minds that have that practical trait to fix something with what is available 🙂


I'm assuming repair parts for a bra, way to go, imagineering at its best. 😁


lol I know exactly what you used...I have a few of those in my kit as well...never know when something will come in handy...I am happy for you to be able to workout and are a genius!!!


Thanks, sweetie. I learned from a great problem-solver: my mother.

Pipes were frozen when Mom, Dad and friends arrived at a cabin in Upper Michigan. The men were flummoxed.

Mom thawed the pipes with a hair dryer.

@LiterateHiker I am the same way...I often go to my local ACE looking for a thingy to solve a problem...the guys working there are amazed at how I use things in an unconventional way to fix something...I will have to do a post on how I fixed a broken chair using a piece of a sewing supply...ha ha ha


Please write a post about fixing a broken chair with sewing supplies.

We will all learn something.


Awesome honey


Good for you, you seem to overcome any, and all challenges that you are faced with.


Thank you. I am nothing if not determined.

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