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What does it mean to be 'tagged" around here? It makes me feel anointed/special like I should DO something special in response. 🙂 what??? 🙂 LOL thanks

crazycurlz 7 Mar 14

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I think it means when another community member included your name in a post or responded to a comment you had posted.


@Crazycaulz - Love the responses yiou received, noting full well I am the only 5er in th group. LOL


There! I just tagged you!


Hahahaha this is how you all climbed to the top of the heap (level 7s and 8s)...gang banging the newby. And even still, I'm happy to be here. Is my initiation over? 🙂


I think it means you were captured and released back into the wild for observation. 😉


You have ro run ang catch the next person.



Did you get a notification? Consider yourself special just like the rest of us. 😀


It means you are IT


Someone commented on a response and wanted to let you know.

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