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WIse words from steven hawkIng

sassygirl3869 9 Mar 15

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his IQ is probably a lot like his hands.


manipulative personalities are neither intelligent or giving their best to the world as did Stephen Hawking.....TrumpOLINI is merely a fascist war criminal making his billionaire friends richer than ever before.... Hawking educated millions to the facts of our observable universe and disproved the theory that black holes are inescapable with his observation that sub-atomic particles do escape meaning that stars collapsing upon themselves will eventually degrade with all other background radiation....greed is never genius


I'd pay good money to see someone pound that smirk off of Donny's stupid face.

whereas I'm usually opposed to violence, I could go for that as well!

I'd rather see them pound his head off his shoulders.


Personally I think we'd have to dig to discern Don the Con's IQ.

You are so right

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