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Cremation or 6 feet under?


magnettarpittrap 4 Mar 15

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I figure I’m not going to care because I’ll be dead. However, I was recently reading about a sweet way to be buried. In Canada they have an agency (for lack of a better word) that wants to put people in the ground under a tree. As you decompose you are giving the tree life. The idea is instead of a cemetery with headstones it will be a memorial forest, all of the trees will be marked with a brass plate on the ground. Instead of a place of death, it would be a place of life. This appeals to me.

I lean toward cremation, but I like the idea of helping a tree to grow. I have always thought of trees as being kind of sacred. When I was a kid, I climbed trees a lot. Always loved trees.

Living urn takes your ashes, places them in a biodegradable urn with a small tree and your family can then plant it where ever they want.


Donation to Medical School, then cremation, then set on fire on little wooden boat pushed out on to Lake Ontario.

Funeral pyre boat/barge; I like that.

@Condor5 Danish viking lineage. I am obliged !


I want to go out..."In Flames"

You can do it twice. You can be cremated and then have the cremains loaded into fireworks shells. You could really go out with a bang.

@citronella that sounds awesome!

@twshield "Heavenly Stars" fireworks is one such organization; I'm sure there are others.


When my mother-in-law died 2 years ago, we found out you can donate the body to science and then they will mail you the ashes. All for free. And I think you can donate organs before this, if they are still usable (many reasons take you off the organ donation list).

Were there any age or affliction-related reasons that would disqualify one from the initial donation program, do you know?

That is exactly how I want to be disposed of after I draw my last breath.

If they have cancer, usually they can’t donate. Also there were several cases of people getting rabies from a guy that died in an accident.


I'm an organ donor near 60 so...hopefully education or research.

Like I'm gonna care.

Don't do that till you're dead though. I'm doing it too.


Donating to science


Cremation for me. I'll finally have the smokeing hot body I've wanted!

BillF Level 7 Mar 15, 2018

Cremation of course! Why? Mostly because I think that there whole burial thing is a waste of money.


I don't care. I'll be dead so it won't matter to me. As far as I'm concerned, my body should be thrown out of a plane over the deep forest somewhere so it can feed the critters.

My husband used to tell me to have his dead body thrown in a dumpster and let someone else worry about it. When he died, I had him cremated.

That's hilarious!
I mean, I'm sorry for your loss...but that's just something my now deceased father would have said. He was a character...


Is cremation plus launched into orbit an option?

I believe that the Celestus Group is still around, they sent Gene Roddenberry up!

Yes, but it's very expensive. Google "cremains in space" and see what you get.

@citronella Throw me off a bridge then.
Pretty sure I'll be past giving a last shit.

@BufftonBeotch I am not saying it's a bad idea. Just saying that you probably should start saving up now...


Cremation is cheaper. ....a lot cheaper. Let your relatives save thousands by requesting cremation.




I want cremation. That way, the atoms that make up my being will fly off to the stars right away. We come from stars, we go back to the stars.

SKH78 Level 8 Mar 15, 2018

Fire up the furnaces!


I have willed my body to the medical school in my state. They will cremate it when they have finished with it and return my ashes to my family if my family wants. If the school rejects my remains for whatever reason then my decision is cremation and my family is aware of that choice.




Cremation after science picks me clean of any reusable parts.

The rest I would like to be loaded into a bottle rocket and fired up into the twilight sky.


I'm going to be cremated, just as my husband was. It's less invasive of the land. I don't beleive in an after life so not concerned about being bought back. Plus, I like to tell believers that I'm getting cremated because I may have to get used to the heat!


That’s interesting..


Cremation and my ashes made into a glass planet

AdieG Level 4 Mar 15, 2018

Body is waste to dispose of, cremation is only a fraction of the cost here so that is what I have planned thus far.


Growing up, I wanted to rot where I fell, as unrealistic as that is. Since my son has now been cremated, I desire the same.

I'm so sorry to hear about your son... so, so sorry.

@Spooner thanks... yeah, hell really does exist


I couldn't care less. My will says to burn me up. But if my family decides to make a statue of me and stand me in a corner (for a coat rack or whatever), I don't care at all. Burial is solely for the living, not the dead. They're dead.

xyz123 Level 7 June 22, 2018

Cook me and feed me to the fishes in lake Michigan.


It doesn't matter. I'll be dead, after all. Let the relatives figure it out. The same with life insurance: I am willing to fulfill my responsibilities when I'm alive. Afterwards? I don't care. Let someone else worry about it.

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