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WOW!! I do not do social media, I have a FB page but since finding (via a FB ad) I rarely go there.
I only have like 30 friends so it's not like I get all the negative stuff, this site is so much more fun!!
The crazies are out there and I try to stay as far from them as possible.


Social Media is a strong tool. I work in Customer Service for Billing at a local hospital. We're told that if a caller says they're going to post on social media we need to immediately email one of the VPs to alert them, straight to the top! We do need to alert our super, but time is of the essence.


The intactivists do seem a bit extreme but I do not go along with the doctors statement that male circumcision is a beneficial thing. To do this to a baby that cannot give permission is wrong. As for doing it for religious reasons ?. that is totally bizarre. So god made man in his image but didn't get it quite right so some correction is required.


You hit the nail on the head with that one.

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