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Romanian court rules that man is officially dead - even though he personally appealed the decision []

Jnei 8 Mar 16

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So that's how Jesus did it!

jeffy Level 7 Mar 17, 2018

if he fathers a child.... the implications boggle the mind.

3 very!


Crazy fucking world but it doesnt surprise me. nothing humans do does anymore. for instance theres an estimated 80,000,000 women and girls but probably more with all there privats cut off because of insecure men .


"I'm not dead!"
"He says he's not dead!"
"Yes he is"...
.."I'm getting better!"
"No you're not. You'll be stone dead in a moment!"


So is Reliu the first legal Deadhead?


Romania? Transylvania? Was the man's name Dracula?

Very good point!


That's actually awful. You can't hire a dead man, dead men can't travel... I don't know what I would do if I were in his shoes.

@Nottheonlyone You could be in his shoes. He doesn't need them apparently. He's dead!

Poor dead guy!

@EllenDale 😛

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