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How many of you have been home schooled, or are currently home schooling children?

I was home schooled until a teacher came to our Haiti mission when I was eight, and I home schooled my own two kids because they started reading as toddlers, were doing algebra by five, and were speed-reading through 200 books every two weeks by the time they were five.

Both are dyslexic, and I realized the public school system would only discourage them, as it did me, the two times I attended a US public school.

Sure enough, when they started attending public school in middle school, they found it boring and insipid, so took books to school to read during class. The teachers were intimidated by them, realizing the kids knew more than they did.

birdingnut 8 Mar 16

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I am an educator and very anti-home-schooling, although I am probably in the minority. I think many of the people who home school are afraid of the "bad types" their kids will meet in public schools (minorities and different religions), so they decide to educate their kids at home. And/or they think that they are smarter than any teacher could be. I am aware that this is a cynical view on my part, but that's how I see it. How many people home schooled before our society became more diverse? Not many, as far as I can tell.


My ex-wife homeschooled 2 kids for about 3 years. Then the local group started to hook up with a church, and get more "official"....And she was to sign a pledge about believing in God. And my youngest child had no friends. His older brother was hard on him Mom not much help. In denial. When I asked any questions I was basically told to bugger off. I'm just a dumbshit I yam, I yam.

Thats when I had enough. End of home schooling. End of marriage.

twill Level 7 Mar 16, 2018

I've never been homeschooled. I went to Catholic school for a little while back in elementary school, though.

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