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Trigger warning: tasteless or awesome? (Spoof)


Bozeman, MT – The wild west just became wild again! Dr. Samuel Oaks, a college psychiatrist at Montana State University was arrested for hosting underground “Emotional Support Animal Fights” for his patients.

It all started as an innocent quarrel between two patients arguing over a seat in the waiting room. As the argument escalated, one patient yelled “Well, my emotional support animal could beat up your emotional support animal!”

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MarkiusMahamius 7 July 28

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You said it was a spoof, but I had to double-check. Support kangaroo? lol


Since humans are animals, can I own an emotional support human?


I’m calling BS on this one.
I pick up my mail in Bozeman, have family there and haven’t heard a word about this.
A quick search of the local newspaper didn’t bring up any mention of this.



bobwjr Level 9 July 29, 2019

Hilarious! An emotional support honey badger?

Well, you'd be left alone, that's for sure.


Those animals need to be re-homed!!!!!!!!


An emotional support kangaroo, okay then.


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