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Stephen Hawking will forever be a part of the universe

balou 8 Mar 16

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How perfect!


His wheelchair and AAC Device were his freedom. If you bothered to read the perspective of people with disabilities, you'd know we hate this meme, and Dr. Hawking would have as well.

How about this? Fuck off. It was a tribute to Dr. Hawking and I think he would appreciate it! Are you always an asshat?

@balou, are you disabled? No?

Then FUCK OFF back. We get to say what is ableist bullshit, and this POS picture definitely qualifies.


@TaraMarshall your post was very rude. What was wrong with mine and Dr. Hawking being one with the universe? You have issues, “lady”!

@balou, the picture is horrible, the sentiment of being one with the universe is fine. But the whole undertone of this sort of crap is that disabled lives aren't worth living, and we should just die.

I would love to have fewer disabilities, but that's not an option. Crap like this picture DEVALUES our lives, and EVERYBODY in Disability Rights Activism has been screaming this for a week now! Stephen Hawking was an active and respected member of our community when he was alive, and HE was the one who said his chair and AAC Device were his freedom!

@TaraMarshall you have a lot of issues worried about one photo. Really? There is nothing wrong with my photo and I will continue to wear it proudly as a tribute to Dr. Hawking.

@balou, it devalues disabled lives by saying that we can ONLY be freed by death! And you're too wrapped up in your able-bodied privilege to even consider you are wrong. We have been out protesting against these portrayals of Dr. Hawking for a week, and you never even bothered to notice.

@TaraMarshall why are you so angry??

@balou, because you have NO IDEA how privileged you are. I'm guessing you are an able-bodied White cisgender heterosexual man.

I, on the other hand, am a disabled mixed race cisgender heterosexual woman. I try to be sensitive to people who are LGBTQIA, and I have a lot of friends in those communities.

It is VERY OFFENSIVE to portray people with disabilities as being "freed" by death.


We need a heart button. He will be missed.


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