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Don't ever come between a bear and "its" dumpster! I almost got mugged by a bear, who was guarding a dumpster I was going to throw a bag of trash into!


I guess munchies could explain this (but what would Jerry Garcia know about munchies?).


Won't play 64 second tape... just lots of growing rope

Finally saw 4 takes 1 with KEYSTONE cops music bear rolls dumpster way across the street can't get into Locked container of cardboard that surely smells like rope

2 color guard commercials lady diapers and booze spiked ice cream...thank you fake news...what's next bear sucks on hookah ?


Amazing that determined bear maneuvered the gate with dumpster.
It deserved recognition for trying open it.


The only thing in vid was pot bear action..hmmmm

What video did you watch? At the very head of the article, there's a 1 minute video, fast-tracked, with the bear rolling the dumpster out. It's pretty funny. He's on a mission.

@SeaGreenEyez nope's all good..😀😀😀


Didn't know bears could want to get high

bobwjr Level 9 July 29, 2019

@bobwjr I'm surprised by your comment Bob. They seem pretty smart imo.


That is a bear with style and finesse . . .

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