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LINK Boxed in: the fragility of men

Unearthing the roots of misogyny and violence against women in this post-#MeToo era, a writer examines the damage caused by the loss of men’s feminine sides – and the role fathers can play.

Fascinating read, what are we doing to our sons?

HippieChick58 9 Aug 4

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I never had a son. If I had, I would have encouraged him to be open, caring, considerate and empathic.


For some, irreparable damage..πŸ‘Ώ


Somehow I managed to avoid the worst parts of this trap, though I still find it very difficult to cry. I think growing up in the 60s when everything was being questioned helped, and also having a very close friend that was not afraid to express things that men didn't normally express. And my father was a gentle man, unless he was very angry, which was rare. Also, there were a lot of strong women in my life, so the burden of "being in charge" was spread around and not laid exclusively at the feet of the men.

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