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Figuring something out another way.

I have been sewing a black jacket with Hong Kong finishing inside. The jacket is nearly done except for the lining/facing pieces.

The written instructions don't make sense. I read and re-read the instructions. Thick as mud. Did a Japanese person write this? I wondered.

Decided to tackle it from a different direction. Matching notches, I pinned the facing together. Pinned it inside the jacket. Tried on the jacket and VOILA! ... it works.

Did a sketch of how the pieces fit together. When I take it apart to sew, I'll know how it fits together.

How did you solve a problem by tackling it a different way?

LiterateHiker 9 Aug 7

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I finally have the intelligent answer to this. Physical work kinda shut off my brain, but I have a moment to compose some true news to the best that my memory can presently afford.

I'm really personally attached with the idea of a body of knowledge that underpins all of philosophy (which is really just knowledge in word form), illustrations, charts, technical knowledge, and processing methods, including applications...basically all of knowledge and its connections can be explained under that school of thought, through some really extensive thinking and study. I figure that once I work out that concept, I can give the expert answer any kind of question, solve any problem, etc. unpretentiously. It's an idea that I work on passively, because I deal with having to look after my corporeal self too much.

I was talking to my ex-girlfriend last night through the telephone. She brought up her medical school studies, and she's more or less one of medicine's best thinkers right now. Getting excited, I said "Damn, that reminds me, I need to make time to learn my chemical notation some time in the future.", more or less. More or less she said "What do you mean?" I said "It's the analytical diagrams and math that are used to model and explain chemical workings", but more or less, that was my reply. Today, I turned out to be right. I stumbled upon a diagram of the 20 amino acids. To give some insight on what I was thinking, all of them, for example, are graphical. They create all kinds of algebras and structures. Minimizing assumptions, while making a lot of them in quick sequence is part of an awesome method for a mathematical composition that can create a newly happy single mother.

When i am constructing an item ,fabricating it ,from a sketch or memory,,I know how i want it but not sure quite the right way to do it,I walk up and down the the aisles in Lowes or Home depot ,especially thru the hard ware departments plus other ones and then ideas start poping into my head and I eventually end up with all the bits and pieces needed for it ,usually from several different departments but it all comes together,,sometimes,,just walk the aisle for something to do,,really amazed at all the stuff and love when i ideas pop into my head   I wanted to put a privacy curtain up around my deck,,so ended up getting indoor out door curtains from a fabric store withthe big round holes and then in home depot in there fencing section i spotted top rails for fencing already black enameled about 12 feet long,,,found a hardware kit at thefabric store again for holding up curtain rods and then put it all together,,was pretty easy once i spotted all the right bits and pieces,,find it fun and challenging

Usually with a bigger hammer.

I’ve got a few beater chisels for that - most of them are just for fine work.


(Attempt to remove post chocolate ice-cream wreckage from toddler's face with a wet wipe)

(Struggling, whiny non-compliance, "Away from me with your accursed cleanliness, you wretch!" )


(Second attempt is accompanied by slurping noises usually associated with a Labrador who's gotten the lid off a peanut butter jar.)

(Giggling compliance.)


We’ve been solving millenials by sending their greater thinkers unfinished jackets to wring their nerves with 😛


My docker container was showing a timestamp for yesterday and a few hours. It was messing with my Amazon s3 call so instead of reconfiguring and messing with the command line I simply wrote a quick script to display the correcttime stamp on a public server, called it with curl in the code & corrected it there.

It’s not a long term solution, but got me going so I could tackle the actual problem I was trying to fix.



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