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Is there such thing as ugly or beauty is only in society’s perspective?

EmeraldJewel 7 Mar 17

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The two things that I see as ugly, is the blantent degradation of one human being to another and the disregard/distruction of other life on this planet, including the planet itself! The remaining is just life happening!


ApparentlyApparentApparently, symmetry matters due to evolutionary traits, other than that even societal standards of beauty change on a fairly regular basibasiss.


After I read your comment, my mind was it, that all the seemingle ugly people found mates and even remained together?

At a guess, in the current age and many cultures, physical beauty is not the only measure.

Before that, it was about necessity, lack of options, binding of families, transfer of lands and titles, ownership, all depending on your class.

Before that it was strongest takes what they want and keeps it til someone stronger came along, in some sort of hierarchy.

As an aside, I didn't stutter, the top level comments do strange things when I'm typing in both the app and the web interface. It gets worse when I backspace or try to edit it.

@Freedompath i would guess ugly ppl find mates because ppl settle for less than they want in looks alot of times for many dif reasons. maybe financial security, maybe personality, maybe due to their own low self esteem thinking they can't get the ones they want, etc.


Beauty (and ugly) is strictly in the eye of the beholder and is totally subjective. IMHO

I tend to agree.

Indeed...but a person who has been told "ugly" one too many times will have a hard time understanding your point.

@DUCHESSA I agree that growing up in an atmosphere that one is subject to negativity all the time can be very damaging to one's self esteem but that is from THEIR perspective and not from who is observing it.

@jlynn37 Correct, but the person,regardless of how many times you say "You are beautiful.", won't believe you because the years of negativism he / she was exposed you said.


Unfortunately it is in the eye of the beholder. I knew a few ladies that others thought were not beautiful and they would not have qualified in a beauty contest but I thought they were attracttive.educated ,well spoken and indiviuals that I would have dated if they concented.


I heard a saying once, still seems to apply.
Beauty may only be skin deep, but ugly goes straight to the bone.
And I don't just mean aesthetics, either.


Watch the old Rod Sterling, "Twilight Zone" episode featuring the actress that played on the beverly hillbillies , donna..... and then ask yourself that question.

Beauty is certainly in the eye of the beholder and if that beholder is influenced by societal norms (whatever they may be) then you have your answer.

I was thinking of this episode when I read the question...haha!



I was told I was ugly for years, so I guess I think there is such thing.

Don't believe it .

Me too.
Replace that false notion with facts.
Fill your mind with knowledge and your acts with sincere kindness.

The hateful things will dissipate.


Everyone has there own tastes

Most definitely. Give me a dad body with gray hair or bald. Mmmmmm

I think I've got one of those lol

@Marcie1974 lol

@LeighShelton that's actually a good pic!

And...actually...what's with the 3 eyed monster? Show us your tats!!!!!

remember I am covered lol but I will do my best. the last three I did myself on myself. my fave is the last one. I thought that picture was crap lol. I hate taking selfies


Physical beauty is mostly a social/cultural construct, I think. I know for me, beauty isn't a thing til a conversation has been had. There are acceptions, however. For each of us. Some have more acceptions than others. I believe we call these acceptions 'levels of being shallow'...hehe

Can't we call it instinctive attraction on a physical level?

I agree with your assessment.

@Donotbelieve For me there isn't any instinctive attraction. I may have faulty circuits, though. I can't do the bohemian rhapsody with anybody that I don't feel a mental connection with...and if it is just a strong 'like', we are now in the friend zone....oh crap....kenny loggins is in my head now...damn it.

@JohnnyThorazine I have an initial attraction. It won't last long, if there's no other grounds to base it on.


It's the slime oozing out of your TV set
Frank Zappa


Beauty is exclusively in the eye of the beholder.


Ugly and Beautiful differs on a wide scale. It probably has it roots in evolution where those that favored "Beauty" over "Ugly" (in other words, weakly, sickly, malformed) had a distinct survival advantage to pass on those genes that favored such. Now it is much more cultural and social psychological pressure that dictates these my opinion


Nope it's our own perspective. I think beauty come from within, I know that's not going to be liked by some here, but we have the looks that we're are born with, beauty is what beauty does. A good heart and good intentions are far more beautiful that the temporal facade. And I can say that because I'm not beautiful and I'm old.?


I do believe that there is a primal aspect to physical beauty. Not to be confused with a sociatal definition of beauty. Primally, I believe beauty is related to health and ability to procreate successfully.


Ha, no such thing as ugly, except in personality.
To me this is self evident and any justification of my position seems superfluous.
The quote provided by @ASTRALMAX goes a long way to summing things up.


You have struck a nerve. I abhor tatooes or those whom paint their bodies in ink that does not come off ever. Makeup to me is putting a clowns face on a perfectually poised mind without the particpant knowing that they are being drawn into a circle of other clowns. All you need is sunshine and a smile from the heart.


Well, I agree that perspective plays a big role in perception. My twin brother and I are similar in a lot of ways, but we have different attractions to women. We grew up together up to graduating high school, then went to different fields of study for college. Our different experiences molded our opinions and what we wanted in not only beauty, but in practicality.

When I was in high school, I only was looking at thin, beautiful women with certain traits. As I have gotten older, I've actually moved away to what I use to want as I have found a stereotype that what I wanted was filial. Mentality plays a guiding role in who I like now.


If you look at pictures and statues of great beauties down through the ages, it becomes clear that many standards of beauty are cultural, but there are some aspects of beauty that apear to be universal.


It is all personal opinion, shaped by culture, society, family, personality, personal experience and associations.

Sometimes we wish there were an objective standard of beauty that we could point to with relief and say, yes, I check all those boxes, I am acceptable. It's a fool's errand, though.


Beauty is subjective in and is in the eye of the beholder but there are some traits that are universally attractive no matter how much society tries to change it. perfect example is the fat shaming issue. we can say its beautiful and beat ppl over the head with it but still ppl arent gonna be attracted to fat anymore than they are now. there are many ppl that love fat and are against skin and bone types, as they would say, and many that arent attracted to it. everyone is beautiful to someone but no one is beautful to everyone is how I see it.

jorj Level 8 Mar 17, 2018

Bueaty is measurable, therefore beauty exists. Ugly exists as a statment of quality on the topic of beauty.


I truly believe that it is all group psychological conditioning. I do my best to shed that, and seek beauty in places that confound others. Beauty comes in all shapes, sizes, colors and genders, and typically has love and kindness at its core. Ugly also comes in all shapes sizes, colors and genders and has a lack of love and kindness, because ignorance has hardened the core into something that can't grow beauty.


It is solely in the individual’s perspective. I can find a “typically” very attractive person ugly and vice versa dependent on personality. I find beauty in most things and know others who almost never see beauty in people or nature.


I think there are genuinely attractive people. However, that’s just the surface. If that’s all you have, then you’re really not interested hat attractive.


Beauty and ungliness are subjective. What is lovely to one is horrifying to another.


To me, ugly equates unprincipled actions.

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