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LINK Walmart heirs are making $4 million every hour and $100 million a day: report | Raw Story

And let's not overlook: Wal-Mart is saving $7 Billion a year since Trump's tax cuts.

58% of Wal-Mart employees are using Federal SNAP (Food Stamps) Benefits, 62% are using state Expanded Medicaid and/or Medicare, and Wal-Mart then corners 28% of the SNAP benefits in sales to consumers.

Meaning? Keep employees entrenched in poverty and they'll keep making Wal-Mart and the Walton heirs billions per year.


SeaGreenEyez 9 Aug 12

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If Sam Walton could see what his children have done with his company, it would make him sick. If he saw how customers and employees were being treated he would really be pissed off.

I have thought that more than once. 😔


Let’s hope everyone votes with their debit cards. I am sure there must be alternate retailers in USA, like thousands of independents!

In the cities there are options. In small towns in Texas they ran most of the small businesses out of business. That is their business models in small towns.

@Sticks48 It is. In this small community we went from having five grocerry stores and three tire stores to one grocery store and no tire stores. It's wmart or nothing 😟

@freeofgod That is their business model. Small businesses cannot compete with their buying power. Between San Marcos and New Braunfels on I-35 is a Walmart distribution center. It is one of the largest buildings I have ever seen. I would like to go inside just to see how it operates. I know this, they have to be using golf carts to get around this place. You ain't walkin' it.

Yes!! I now live in one of those small towns, that wal-mart came into and everything else shut down. I was anti corporate anything before coming here. Luckily there is a city within an hour of me with many local small businesses,,and a great farmer’s market,,,but there are times I get in a pinch and sadly have no choice.


They don’t make much off of me! I probably don’t go in a Walmart more than once or twice a year if that. But then I try to contribute as little as possible to the consumer economy. (I don’t do a lot of shopping!)

I just committed to boycott this past week. I like the store, I will no longer be 3rd party to the business model.


Clinton's pushed up the Walton heirs from Arkansas millions MADE IN USA to billions from overseas sweat shops where hundreds have been burned alive


Yes Walmart has done a wrong and been unjust to their employees.
And now is the same is happening with Amazon. It has taken over and passed Walmart,,,Amazon made twice what Walmart has made last year. And employees have the same complaint and stats as Walmart. It just the corporate norm now,,,so sad!!

Amazon was shamed by Bernie Sanders into $15.00 an hour minimum so what did they do? Automated. The American Dream.

Yes they did,,,and tech is advancing to enable this to happen at greater numbers and across many sectors of business.


And I'll bet that they are considered 'great americans',right?😠


And that"s no joke..


Yeah and trump supporters

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