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66-year-old Husqvarna sewing machine buttonhole setting died.

Making a buttonhole and sewing on the button are the last steps in the "no wale" corduroy jacket I made. The buttonhole setting no longer works on my 66 year-old Husqvarna Viking sewing machine. It's been a workhorse.

At best, the Husqvarna made "free form" squiggly buttonholes. I always had to straighten and fill in buttonholes with careful hand-sewing.

On YouTube, I watched enviously as a woman made a perfect buttonhole with an custom, automatic "foot" that guided the needle. Her newer sewing machine had a computerized setting for different buttonhole styles.

I feel nervous about buttonholes. They must be perfect the first time. Tearing out a lousy buttonhole permanently marks the fabric, ruining the the jacket. After all that work!

Amazon had sewing experts test the hundreds of sewing machine it sells. Their #1 top choice- easy-to-use, automatic threading, 600 stitches and and underneath buttonhole plate- is a computerized Singer sewing machine.

It was on sale for $299 with free shipping. Seventy-one percent of buyers gave it five stars. It weighs 20 lbs.

Today I ordered the computerized Singer sewing machine from Amazon. Super excited!

Good thing I enjoy reading. Must pour over the manual.


LiterateHiker 9 Aug 14

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My mom made all her own clothes, some for my sisters, only one shirt for me. My grandfather was a tailor and dry cleaner, my mom learned it all from him. She had an extremely expensive Viking for sewing but used an inexpensive Singer with a button hole jig for all her buttons. I, of course, retained none of her talent although I do sew buttons back on clothes. She was the best of the best, you might look it up.


The jacket looks wide in this photo. Those are the side panels showing.


My East Germany made Pfaff has gone through years of altering wedding dresses for a business, to kids costumes, to suits, to upholstery . I'll never trade it in and it's over thirty years old. It was one of the first programmable machines. I get it.


Should still be under warranty 😄


Very funny!


Lovely work!


I have a 1946 Singer portable my Grandmother bought at that time. It is still in the original case. It has the sales slip, manual, and accessories. The gold designs and name are still in tact. My grandmother, mother, two ex-wive, one mother-in-law (a professional seamstress at one time), and a couple of girl friends have made everything from drapes to a women's sport jacket and everything in between on that thing. A friend of mine is using it now. An amazing little machine.


And it will last you until the day you die or no longer want to sew. I have a Bernina. It is 32 years old and still works beautifully.


I've been around for 65 years and I wish that all that was wrong with me was a broken buttonholer. 😉


Linda is a sewing aficionado. She swears by the Singer Rocketeer.


I have a Singer Featherweight machine that was made in 1948 and still runs like a finely tuned Swiss watch. Your jacket is looking very nice.


Thank you. The Husqvarna is older than me.


Your jacket is beautiful. I can't believe a sewing machine lasted that long. Oh well, quality and pride in manufacturing really meant something back then.


Thank you!

I'm amazed I've made it this long.


Great I certainly hope it meets your expectations..66 years is a long time for a working sewing machine,,must have been extra quality one


Husqvarna also make chain saws.

Yes they do along with Motorcycles ,lawn and garden equipment plus lots of other items,very wide diversified company

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