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LINK Kamala Harris bursts into horrified laughter at GOP officials: ‘These guys are out just of their minds!’ –

I've noticed a turn on right-wing media lately and this is no exception. This actually side-eyes a Republican's quote re: abortion/rape/incest. And Harris does call him what he is (ie: nuts.) And it's reported with no apologetics or critique of her. It's almost like actual journalism. 😮

"The CNN host also played for her comments from Rep. Steve King (R-IA) on Wednesday in which he defended a no-exceptions ban on abortion by saying that without rape and incest, humans might not exist at all."
SeaGreenEyez 9 Aug 14

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I was wondering about the headline. They got it wrong. She said, "These guys are just out of their minds." which at least sounds like better English.

How do we get such idiots in office to begin with. And then they stay!

It is because about 1/3 of Americans are deaf/blind and illiterate. Oh, and racist AF.


And a poison new tar sands Petroleum pipeline crosses the entire north tier of Iowa counties most in King represented district....corrupt federal prosecutors like Harris did nothing to enforce EPA rules and pollution laws ...King gets donations from Monsanto KOCK BROS AIPAC many evil lobbies like Harris does


How does anybody in this day and age have such a bizarre notion about this?😡


I wonder if this is a case of
Working under Trump has driven them crazy, they are saying crazy things to get themselve OUT from under working for Trumpty, or they are and always have been crazy?


Welcome to the northwest corner of Iowa Congressional DISTRICT rated the worst ever for constituent services since B-1 Bob out in California...King is a confessed white supremacist worse than TrumpOLINI...I live here.....SHAME is the long term feeling after YEARS OF OUTRAGE wears off....


I have no problem believing King is a product of incest. It would explain a lot.


Steve King is batshit crazy! 😡


RE: U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services Ken Cuccinelli and Rep. Steve King (R-IA)
These creatures in Federal Office and Congress have serious deficits in brain development. One of them says the Statue of Liberty plaque refers only to Europeans. The other says human beings wouldn't have existed in the first place without rape and incest. How can you have a fully developed brain and still make those twisted and monstrous statements?


No shit crazy


Yeah, that moron is from Iowa. You know the state we let have a major say in picking presidential candidates!😱

Each state sets election law procedures....the other 49 states do NOT constitute "we" against Iowa any more than 49 could insult New Hampshire Primary 8 days later

The other 3 Congressional Districts are first term Democratic women your one against 3 analysis fails twice this month

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