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What you mean all this happened and NO ONE got shot? Are you sure this happened in the USA?

Well, the drug addled perps were white. Probable cause requires someone to, at the very least, to be ...well...brown.


Living proof that we can challenge Richard Ashcroft- The drugs DO work!


Insanity rules the day..👿


Some "very fine" people from the other side there. 😑

Hopefully the police will be able to speak to the attacked family and are able to pursue hate crime charges against these two as well.


Good looking group eh?)


Daughter is obviously a chip off the old thing is it get these kids away from them and hopefully into some loving family environment where they will grow up with better role models.


I'm running out of shit to say. Maybe I need to expand my vocabulary.


More MAGA voters @ the beach


I mourn the country that I grew up in🤐

Or perhaps, the one you wish you'd grown up in. Ignorance was bliss, eh.

@MarkiusMahamius maybe so


These are the kind of people that give white trash a bad name.

Yes, but we need a backstory to understand.

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