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Hate it when he mentions nuclear anything. Keep it off his little mind.


Twenty-Fifth Amendment this lunatic NOW!


I think the lunatic (s) are in charge of the asylum. Hold on tight. Those underground bunkers look pretty good.


Of course he does. He is a man with a lot of ideas, unfortunately they are not good ideas. They are a lot like all of the big words he knows which he can neither spell or pronounce


This is why i pray they don't actually give the real codes to him!


Why couldn't he have been stillborn. We just can't catch a break!


Cool! We are going to have radioactive hurricanes!

zesty Level 7 Aug 25, 2019

There are people out there who think this imbecile is smart.

Why don't they ever respond to these posts?
Maybe they can't read? They're already using their fingers to count things? They're busy wanking to Fox News?

“The secret of the demagogue is to make himself as stupid as his audience so they believe they are clever as he.” ― Karl Kraus


That would explain a lot.
@gator @veteran229 @trajan @bigpawbullets

While the idea is ludicrous, it's not new. First proposed to Eisenhower. Saner heads prevailed then, as today.


There is supposedly a Nikola Tesla machine to do just such a thing it is an urban legend.


That itchy trigger finger.


Apparently it’s a thing that was written up in National Geographic and totally discounted. Idiot man thought it was a viable solution.

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