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QUESTION Places To Retire As Expats for $200K

Would you move to another country upon retirement? Or have you considered it?

Funnygir175 7 Mar 19

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I absolutely would move to another country for retirement, and plan too. Now if I could just get the Spanish language down pat....South America is calling my name!


After writing my previous comments, I now Ponder the Plunder: What is the environmental impact of fleeing Americans to more rural countries? Perhaps the best answer is to simply rent in a city. But the rersults, especially where Americans are concerned will almost certainly be :more, more more. More housing. More shopping. More land for housing. More resources gobbled.....Now Honduras needs more landfills. More plastic in the ocean. More soda pop for the locals. Consume Mass Quantities !!!! Paradise shot to hell. Hopefully we can all think first.

IDK if I want to play a part in this

twill Level 7 Mar 20, 2018

A question I always consider is: property rights/ ownership. I strongly believe in protection of people's property. Yet most of these articles focus on renting. Which is an option, but just in case I wanted to buy, what would be my legal rights?

And also what is the RCQ....Religious Crazy Quotient?

twill Level 7 Mar 19, 2018

I've done some reading on it. Considered the possibilities. HUGE investment, not just money, but resources such as brainpower, language learning, still have to file US tax returns, ....A lot to consider.

Now that I've read the article it helps to know that so many people are Bi-lingual.

I don't really see much enjoyment in the future USA. It's ugly here. I don't want to spend muy retirement waiting to die while my country burns.

twill Level 7 Mar 19, 2018

I tried to move out of country when I retired from the military, but at the time I was married and she wasn't having it. Still in Texas though, could be worse.


Is Hawaii another country??

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