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Would you date someone you met online?

Why, or why not?

GoodMan 7 Sep 29

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Depends on the situation. I would keep the possibility open if such case was to happen, but I usually do it case by case.


Yes, met my husband that way. We are poly so we've met a few people online as well. I think with our schedules it's probably the best way for us.


Yeah, if he was a good person who wanted the same things I do.

HI Nocreator, and welcome to The "same things" or "similar" things?



kathy Level 1 Oct 6, 2017

I met my girlfriend of over 3 years on Tinder

I've heard some good about that site (Tinder)! Did you have a paid subscription in order to connect?

It's been a long time, but I don't think there was a subscription cost to contact someone.


Yes. I met my ex-husband on a dating site and although that relationship has dissolved, I would be open to another.


Wow, this conversation is still going! 🙂 Have met several men online, and formed romantic relationships with a couple, became friends with some, etc. Its not that hard to weed out the nut jobs or undesirables. 🙂

I havent been active on the dating sites this past year but Im getting ready to give it another shot.

Hoping to have one last great love before I go toes up!


Yes, but they'd need to be relatively nearby.


I've been on dating sites. For the most part, I was disappointed by what I found or didn't find for that matter. But if I found someone I connected with, I might date them.

Cool, I can relate. Beware of the scammers!

Scammers can appear on any site, not just dating sites.

I don't disagree.


Yes, I have. It's been a good experience overall.

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