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Would you date someone you met online?

Why, or why not?

GoodMan 7 Sep 29

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I met someone through an online dating site. We went on a few dates and it never turned into a relationship. I am not opposed to dating sites, but I do feel that it is harder to navigate through all the fake profiles and find that other person who is just there to find some love. One of the hardest things that I have come across is just finding compatible people in my area. There are not a lot of non-religious people on the sites I have been on.

I agree with what you've said: the fake profiles, finding that person that is only trying to find love is difficult. Why didn't any of your dates turn into a relationship?

That just reminded me -- I haven't checked Match in quite a while. So, I just did. Same ol' no matches as ever. I have over a month left on my subscription, but I just canceled it. It's a joke for non-believers.


Only if they live near me. I'm not doing long distance again.

SheRa Level 3 Oct 6, 2017

I've done long distance before also, and I wouldn't do it again unless I had a private jet, or planned on flying commercially, and intended on racking up frequently flyer miles in both cases. Welcome to

Thank you GoodMan šŸ™‚

You're welcome SheRa šŸ™‚

I live near you! Haha. And Studio City is one of my favorite places in LA. Lol.

Never again. I use to lived in West L.A. and once dated someone who lived in Studio City. We only saw each other weekends, as her quote one weekday was "2 1/2 hours to get here from the valley?! Never again!" Our fate was sealed.

Ditto; My online experience has only resulted in a 2% favorable result; not enough to fork out plane fare, rental cars and taking on more baggage than I already have with me.

@Knewartist I was unpleasantly surprised how long it took to get to W. LA from the Valley....for some place that is less than 6 miles by the crow, it shouldn't take over an hour to drive it as I found out. It wasn't even near rush hour. At four in the morning I could probably drive it in 20 minutes however so if you are an insomniac: ring me up.


I would, and I have. I don't go to bars and clubs.

Hi Sunnmoonandstars, and welcome to Have you had any success with online dating?

I need to get my profile up. Last night and last weekend I broke down and said I was going out and was going to socialize. So I bought a cowboy hat and went to Buck Wild and Club 80 on NASA Rd. I actually had a blast and met a couple of girls and talked to them, but not anyone I would consider even asking out on a date. I couldn't imagine finding someone in a bar at my age I do at least get looks from younger girls till they get a good look at my face and realize I'm over 40.


Yep, done it a few times. Some were awesome some sucked. It's easier for me to get to know someone online since I'm shy. I never used a dating site just usually met in chat rooms (when that was a thing), or through friends of friends on Facebook or something similar

Hi Fuzzycow37, and welcome to What was it about the ones that were "awesome" as opposed to "sucked"?

One or 2 turned into actual relationships which only ended due to distance. Others just turned out to be jerks in real life or just used me. ????


I would and have! As an adult, its difficult to meet people anywhere else, frankly. Some turned out OK, some not. But I remain hopeful. šŸ™‚

Hi SeptemberWoman, and welcome to Why is it "difficult to meet people anywhere else?"

When you're young, you can just kind of 'hang out', or you make friends at work or school. Once you become an adult, a parent, a spouse, your world tends to shift inward. Not as easy to make friends as an adult, especially on this side of 60. šŸ™‚


Aren't we all here to meet people?

Some might be lurkers. lol

Perhaps, but some aren't here for dating.


I think I could, however, we would have to Skype before we meet because you never really know about people these days.

Video chat is helpful


we live in a world where everything is possible so saying that i won't date someone i meet online is an understatement. often times the best things of life comes in a disguise its all about us paying attention and believing that anything is possible even the impossible is still possible.

Ok, but how is the impossible still possible. Are you referring to perception limitations, or something else?


I would. I have although I feel that produced mixed results.

TamiB Level 3 Oct 8, 2017

Hi TamiB, and welcome to
How so? (Mixed results)

Well, I met my husband online. We were playing a game together (an MMO named EverQuest - man did I just date myself or what!). Today is 15 years. But, you know, there have been issues. I feel like when you're meeting someone online you may not see the reality of the person. And this is not out of bad intentions, but rather because we're projecting the person we want to be as the person we are. But we're not that person.


Yes. For the same reasons Iā€™d date somebody I met in person.


I have in the past and would again. A quick coffee or ice cream date to see if there's any in person chemistry.

CS60 Level 7 Oct 7, 2017

If I got to know them well enough and they were honest; also if I didn't have to bring them on Catfish.

Hi devinfragments, and welcome to Is Catfish a TV show or something? I've heard of it, but my memory is momentarily exhausted.


I'm open to dating someone off the web, just gotta meet in person a few times to see if we have a connection or similar interests.


Sure! A casual coffee date to see if we click offline as well as on seems a good idea. I have met several online friends in person. Am still friends with several, though have never formed romantic connections that way.

Zster Level 8 Oct 7, 2017

Hi Zster, and welcome to Why do you think you haven't formed any romantic connections from meeting online?

The main difference between strong platonic and romantic bonding is largely physical for me, and that gets left out online. It's more complex than a looks thing as photos do not replace the personal contact enough online. I do (and have) formed strong friendships online, but my more intense romances have resulted from a combo of intense physical attraction at the time of meeting and getting to know each other.


Yes, I live in a small town in Oklahoma. I figure the only way I will meet someone with who I can relate will be online.

Ok, but why is online the only way?

For the very reason of my location, there are more churches here than anything else.

Hi MattWilliams, and sorry I didn't welcome you on my first response. Welcome to Are you only interested in non-believers?


I have mixed feelings about this. A friend met her husband on an online dating site 10 years ago, and they are still as happy as can be. I dabbled with online dating a while back and finally gave up. It was dismaying to discover that some of the creepy men who had stalked me at our local dance club were on this site. To read their profiles, you'd think they were Goddess's gift to women! I've been a widow for 7 years, and frankly, I'm enjoying my independence so much that I really don't feel the need for another relationship.

Dearest Claire i feel as much as you feel. i have been widowed for years now and am loving it even thou often times its boring to be alone but i think if they right person come over i will surely jump into the wagon.

@ClaireMilner: There are definitely some creeps out there, and they make it harder for the truly decent ones. Not that you're asking for advice, but I suggest that you enjoy where ever your heart and mind take you, just use good judgment. If you're content remaining single, then that's your answer until you feel differently.


I would, and have. Have never made a romantic connection, but have a couple friends from the experience. It's no worse than meeting in person- you can tell a lot about people by how they communicate in written form.

"Have never made a romantic connection." If you don't mind me asking, were there dates that lacked connection, or some other reason?

I certainly and would willing date someome i met online and i believe to meet one Agnostic on this site.

I liked everyone I met personally. I feel pretty sure, after talking to someone online, I can cull out people with whom I have nothing in common. But feeling a physical chemistry is something you can't predict.


Yes. I had a wonderful relationship with someone who saw my profile on a BDSM website. I have never joined a dating site but have just recently considered it. What I have a big problem with are the men who contact me on Facebook telling me how beautiful I am and they can tell I am so caring. They get ignored

Cathy Level 2 Sep 29, 2017

Haha. How can they tell that you're so caring? From your profile, quotes, comments, pics?

Cathy.. honestly its annoying when people write others on Facebook with sweet words when they don't even know the person.


Yes and I have a couple of times. I think it gives you a chance to know them better before you meet them BUT it seems like a lot of online people want immediate commitment.( I'm working from a small sample size so my conclusion may be flawed).


Yes. Why not? Where's the sense of adventure? Lol.


Considering I don't get out much, online is more than likely where I would meet someone but also considering I don't like people much, it will probably never happen!


Definitely. I have met numerous fine ladies on line, such as Craigslist in San Francisco. In other countries, CL is not so good, as it has been hijacked by prostitutes.

At best, CL is a bit like standing on a busy corner & trying to pick out possibles. Even a brief post gives clues but I found myself looking at hundreds of posts before responding to one, and then maybe finding only 1 or 2 out of a hundred worth pursuing.

Orlyf Level 3 Oct 7, 2017

Hi Orlyf, and welcome to What clues do you find to be useful on CL?


I am now. She's in northern Kentucky. Just across the Ohio River from Cincinnati. That's about as far north in Kentucky as one can be. Truthfully, our relationship is in its infancy. We met for the first time in July at the airport in Atlanta and flew on to Santa Fe, New Mexico (via Albuquerque) for a five day weekend. She came to Georgia exactly one month later for a nine day visit. Our first, and probably last, eclipse together. Who knows? It might work. Stranger things have happened.

Good for you, and I hope things work out the way you desire šŸ™‚

Thanks GoodMan. Mighty kind of you.


It's no worse than going to a nightclub and dancing.

Pmabz Level 3 Feb 10, 2018

Probably not. I did once...didnt go well.

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