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LINK A Shocking Number of Americans Want to 'Just Let Them All Burn' - VICE

I know that a lot of voters who hate the status quo will pick candidates who they believe will shake things up in Washington, but this study shows that it goes much deeper than that.

ATDayHiker 7 Sep 4

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"Set fire to the four corners of the town, mow down the people, level everything, and when there is nothing more of this rotten world left standing, perhaps a better one will grow up in its place... Yes, anarchy and nothing more; the earth washed in blood and purified by fire!"

  • Souvarine in Emile Zola's Germinal (1885)

@Bushshaker They talk about "Need For Chaos" in the article. It reminded me of that. Germinal is a novel about a very rough coal miners strike in France in the late 1800's. The character of a russian anarchist said that quote.

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