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QUESTION Kentucky Republican candidate suggests shooting Congressman John Yarmuth over NRA stance

Yet another example of why we can't have nice things in Kentucky

Crimson67 8 Mar 20

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What are they giving lectures in Dick Chaney code of gun ethics?


Living close to the border of our two states, I always get the scoop on Kentucky politics. It's usually interesting.

Yes ma'am. That's exactly what I mean.


What can Isay....sometimes u gotta shoot somebody just to get the tension off, ya know? "Merica By God"!!!! lol

jorj Level 8 Mar 20, 2018
  • Ignorant Republicanwith bad timing today to make a threat when two kids get shot at a school in Maryland. Hopefully helps John Yarmuth in Kentucky. lol

No we can't. Thank goodness for a few other Southern states(Mississippi, Alabama, etc.) or KY would always be last in good things and first in bad..


Unfortunately Kentucky doesn't have a monopoly on dangerously stupid. 😟


I really like living in the south, except for the ultra conservative Jesus freaks which are rampant..


Wow! Just wow.

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