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What do you think about this saying "there is someone for everyone?" Is it true or BS?

Aralt 7 Mar 20

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I don't know. I thought I'd found said someone but she left me.


I'm sorry.


I call BS,
there are many possibles for most and probably none for some. I seem to be in the latter category.

I would like, but that seems unfair in light of your second sentence.


I certainly hope there is more than one. What if that person lives in China?

Good point

Or even harder,North Korea


Probably, if you really want someone. Usually, people who don't have a companion don't really want one, discouraging those who try.

That would be me. Only totally relentlessly optimistic, persistant people have succeeded, which is why I'm worried, since my ex hasn't given up trying to get back with me.


Well I mean even hitler had a girlfriend

Further proving that he was just a man, not an exception.

Not to be cynical, well not just for the sake of being cynical; but both Manson and Hitler had a certain status that some people find attractive.

@Rudy1962 exactly what I think when this gets brought up.

@Aralt y'all realize I was joking right?

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