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What do you think about this saying "there is someone for everyone?" Is it true or BS?

Aralt 7 Mar 20

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I think so, if you mean “the one” I still think so but it doesn’t mean it’s GOING to happen I think it takes a lot of conscious effort by oneself and potentially the other let alone circumstance. I think the one can get away too, but then again they can come back. I think by getting as intouch with ourselves as we can it can be achieved


I think it is total B.S.




I do not believe that saying is true.


Probably, if you really want someone. Usually, people who don't have a companion don't really want one, discouraging those who try.

That would be me. Only totally relentlessly optimistic, persistant people have succeeded, which is why I'm worried, since my ex hasn't given up trying to get back with me.


Yes there is someone for everyone like me for the beginning we meet and see only way to tell..I like Jim Thorpe Pa.Mauch Chunk id distance a problem?

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