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How's your week going?
What have been the good/bad/indifferent events for you this week?

Crimson67 8 Mar 20

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Sold my home and I will soon be out from under a mountain of debt.


New job prospect and root canal. Can't complain.

I had one last week. Fun. Fun. Fun!


Work is great, thats my good. Bad is trying to date in the Bible belt. Indifferent might be my boring home life, that's just me being a hermit. 🙂


Mainly indifferent. Good news is it's spring. The bad news is there is still a couple of feet of snow on the ground

@Crimson67 wow. In Kentucky on the first day of spring😟


I had to cancel hernia surgery becuase l injured my back, and l couldn't play my Tuesday night gig. Other than that I'm good.


Going good and then snow is coming...but fuck it, it's gonna be good anyway. Snow it's not gonna take away my happiness 😉


It's all been good. My 60th birthday is Friday and my friends have been celebrating with me all week.

Yes on both counts. 🙂

Thanks. Nor do I feel it.


finished 3/4th's of a hard project....and the top of the last quarter...after this project, I move to a whole new style with new tools and everything...

@Crimson67 When it is finished, it shalt be revealed...hehe...I will even have a camera on it's way that maybe even I can use...haha


I do not get to laugh a lot, the post I put on yesterday people responses were making me laugh, my kids were saying what so funny. My mom is coming for a visit, so have been trying to get stuff in order. You know us guys are not nesters like you ladies. Getting the garden in order. The kids love our botany experiment every year. Going to erect a greenhouse soon. just need some more materials. My daughter is very perspective, I had inadvertently used the word phenomenon. She about 15 minutes later used it to describe something and used it in the proper context. Kids are so incredibly amazing.


No snow as of yet and I am on the right side of the grass.


Tense. I work for a school district and I'm hoping to make it through the year without us being caught up in the current fad of school shootings.
Allergies have my eyes watering like when the puppy died. (no real puppy was harmed for this paragraph.)
Been depressed. Coming out of it a bit. Hopeful.

@Akfishlady Junior High?! There ain't enough money in the world. Hats off to all those folks on the front line. Me? I'll be here at central office, sipping coffee, if you need me.


Changed banks this week. Chase became too greedy. Switched to a local bank. We'll see. Banks seems to be or become more and more greedy the last 25 years. At that time you got interest, because your deposits made money for them. But that wasn't enough. The management has become so expensive and greedy that the interest goes to them, together with the monthly costs they charge you for having an account, in stead of paying you interest. It's a pool of thieves.

Gert Level 7 Mar 21, 2018

Now I think of it, it probably changed all since the obligation that money still had to be covered by the stock of gold of a nation. Since than governments and banks could create as much money as they liked and were no longer depending on the savings of people. Since than the greed, because the money was so easy, skyrocketed.


Ihave a hangover

alcohol is evil


since my birthday at the beginning of the month, everything has gone tits up ie car, fish tank and a present lol.

me too lol and happy I'm not going through a depressed part of my life that happens when it feels like. thank you though @Crimson67


I'm finally clawing my way out of this miserable cold. I've barely slept the last couple nights with this terrible cough, but I think I might actually sleep tonight.


Closed the show. It's (rightly) been compared to breaking up. Drank too much.

Odd. I didn't drink enough

@Rudy1962 I find that when the show closes too much is never enough.

@RobAnybody my sister is in theatre. I used to help with the tearing down of the set, and party afterwards. It was unique.

@Rudy1962 I've not found anything like it. Infantry probably comes closest.

@Crimson67 Oh, getting drunk's not hard 😉


Going slow but sure! Thanks for asking! Subbing preschool today and tomorrow. Sweet but needy and germy! LOL!
Getting my son ready to go on Spring break with his dad. Then a week of Spring Cleaning and horseback riding.

@SACatWalker I'm relieved to hear your cat doesn't ride thoroughbreds! I had a cat once. It insisted on sleeping on my head at night and then would wake up, stand on my chest and meow. Had to re-home her but she was loved.


Getting caught up at work. Was sick over the weekend, but getting better. Icky forecast for Virginia today, but I am used to worse. So, not bad 🙂


It would be a pretty good week, but I photographed a wedding on Sunday (not a bad thing) where I caught a cold. So it's going to be a week of cough drops watching DVDs. better luck next week.




My weeks are fairly routine, but it's a busy routine. I have a teen-aged daughter who loves musical theater. In pursuit of this, she takes dance (tap and jazz), participates in a smaller performing arts company (where she also receives voice coaching, a bit of acting, and more dance instruction), and a larger youth-only, community theatre company. Mom and I are legally separated so we share custody and more or less split the driving (Uber) duty. Mom has a quasi swing-shift work schedule (she's a journalist and works from late morning to early evening), so she handles the run to school (this is temporary as our daughter is now permitted and practising to take the behind-the-wheel driving test), and I handle the shuttling TO all of the extra-curricular performing arts activities during the week. This is a constant.

At work, I feel a bit overwhelmed because I've been given some tasks to handle that fall outside of the scope of my job. I do this in support of our "sister office," who are short-staffed and have some critical work that is piling up.

Winter is lingering far too long for me here (in Sacramento, CA). I live in this state because I love warm, sunny weather. We've had temps in the 40s-60s for the last few weeks. I'm so over it. LOL! Last night, it rained cats & dogs and today more rain is in the forecast. Looking out the window at work (at least I have a window seat!) it's gloomy and overcast. Yuck!

so the 40-60 temps are wintery?

@btroje In Cali, yes. ☺

@IAMGROOT I am now playing the worlds tiniest violin 🙂 Thats about as hot as I want it! anything over 80 is opressive to me now

@SACatWalker My kid has become quite the tapper. =]


This week has been good. Haven't been out of house due to 18" snow and cold and wind. Unfortunately getting more snow tonight. Continue making new friends here.


Well, little things occur. Continue to eat sensibly. Continue to exercise. Have fun here.


A little bit of a challenge. I think my ex-wife finally managed to shred the last bit of respect I had for her when she decided to be drunk when I dropped off our boys on St. Patty's day. She's not a violent drunk or apt to doing stupid things when she's been drinking, but that still didn't make me feel any less uneasy about leaving our boys alone with her. She had promised she was only going to have ONE drink and that somehow turned into seven drinks. Because apparently the words "No thank you" never crossed her mind when deciding on whether or not to accept that next shot.

Everything ended peacefully, but I still can't help but be disappointed in her.

Other than that I'm finally starting get a hold on some of my personal stress which is helping my overall health. Finally getting settled into my new job and getting caught up on projects. Managed to score a part in an upcoming commercial shoot in my area. I definitely can't complain about that part of my life.


Sitting in the waiting room at the eye doctor, waiting to have a procedure. I'd rather be fishing.

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