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Do you believe in the Faith and Freedom Coalition?

If you do not you must take action and contact your congress people.This coalition has sent22 million pcs of mail, 16 million videos, knocked on 1.2 million doors and made 20 million phone calls to support pro family and pro conservative programs.Their supporters are pence,hannity,levin, gingrich,palin rubio carson reed and the president of the southern baptist organization. They want the nation to be stated as a christian nation,they oppose the gays,minorities,and atheists. They wish to enact laws that would be against the Constitution and have already been successful in allowing preaching politics from the pupit and as an evangelical movement put this ass in place as president. Their movement has grown. Guess what that means.

Marine 8 Mar 21

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The christian version of sharia law.


Ah yes, the same people who don't like Iran's theocracy want one here for themselves.

jeffy Level 7 Mar 21, 2018

Yes, I was fully aware of this and I have always been deeply concerned! They have put their money behind it, just like in the past when we were ask (when i was in the church), to give special offerings to 'missions!' They, never give up on trying to convert people, to their way of thinking, (like we should all be clones)! It wouldn't bother me all that much, if they didn't intend to force their will and COMPLETE beliefs on every one...and that would include me! That DOES, get my 'dander up!'


Not accusing you … but why is it I think I’m seeing trolls..? It’s like, ‘this gets posted’ to elicit a hostile negative reaction from ‘us,’ then our reactions are fed back to ‘them’ … nothing is solved ..but anger is fed..

My advice - hold our breath and vote Democrat.. At every opportunity. If so inspired or encouraged, run for office yourself. Otherwise, the current Administration, Congress, Supreme Court majority and increasing numbers of federal judges across the USA are already catering to those you’ve described - basically giving them everything they desire -- as if it’s their last supper… Which hopefully it is.

Yes, warn your congressional Rep, or US Senators ...even the White House.. But more importantly - help elect those willing to reverse the laws and decisions having allowed such abuse.

Varn Level 8 Mar 21, 2018

Mass opposition might stop their immediate plans and this not a troll. I have received two letters asking for fumds. I also subscribe to two conservative sites to keep tract of what the conservatives are up to. Their values are what they hope to impose while they have this ass for president and they ignore the harm being done to our environment,national monuments controls on banking & wall street, to our wild animals world wide and so much else. We cannot wait to hold our breath as we have let to much haapen already. Once in place it is more difficult to remove.

@Marine Glad you’re on ‘our side’... I appreciate immediate action, but fear the momentum may slow down, or become diluted when the inevitable big-money ad campaigns kick in nearer November.. Stay on em ..maybe I’m just getting old, and paranoid (just stay off my lawn!) 🙂

Going no where near your lawn<


They are the scourge of the Earth. I've been actively watching them organize a movement since 2005. Even members of their own party have been concerned.

"This Republican Party of Lincoln has become a party of theocracy."
U.S. Representative Christopher Shays, R-CT, (New York Times 3/23/05)

I have contacted my congresspeople. They appear to be in support of the coalition, hence, the new Mississippi law that allows blatant discrimination towards LGBT citizens and those who have sex outside of marriage -- all in the name of sincerely held religious beliefs -- conservative Christian beliefs, of course.


This is the type of thing FFRF is fighting against. Support FFRF, subscribe to their communications and alerts, and act when possible in support of the separation of state and church. This coalition and everything it does is in violation of that.


What do you mean by "contact your congress people"? They ARE part of the Faith and Freedom Coalition. IMHO

You can still voice your opposition

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