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When you post here, how long of an interval is there before you see any replies or visitors to your post? A few minutes? Hours? Longer?

NothinnXpreVails 8 Mar 21

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Wouldn't be surprised if it's hours. I did a few posts now and hardly received any feedback.

Mine seem to be getting quicker.

@NothinnXpreVails Might be due to reaching a higher level now.

@SpikeTalon I thought so too


It varies. I usually give it a few hours to a day. I have my account set to get notifications twice a day. Also depends on the type of post and activity on the site.


Seem to come up overnight for me.


2 hours or right away.


It depends on the content of your post and also your settings on the site.

I have my settings set so that I dont' get notifications of "likes", because I just want to read responses and comments. I appreciate the likes, but just gettign a like doesn't stimulate my mind.

Some things I post dont' get any rewponse at all. While oen past I made a logn time ago still gets several replies a week.


weeks. everybody ignores me 😉


Sometimes up to an hour. I have some that have zero replies and have been up for weeks.


It takes my posts hours, but I suspect that's due to subject matter, not responders.


Occasionally I get a respone but I'm beginning to think I get blocked more than So much for the "open minded" claim they use. They see I'm from Kentucky and don't hate Trump so I'm automatically a racist and sexist because they are just as prejudice and judgmental as any racist I've ever met.

jorj Level 8 Mar 21, 2018

You can see what posts have made it by going to your own timeline.

I don't think they edit here unless it's rated X.


If you're at level 5 or above your posts technically go live immediately (in your profile), but will still be curated by Admin before it's live in the feed or categories. Not all posts make it into the main feed and go straight to categories. Sometimes that can be within a few minutes and other times it can take longer depending on Admins workload. If it has been several hours and your post still hasn't gone live, contact Admin. It could be a glitch.

I’d prefer live/real time interaction. :/

@NothinnXpreVails As do I, but I've adapted and respect Admins reasons for curating.

@NothinnXpreVails I'd prefer realtime too, but I also appreciate Admin for combing through things.

@VictoriaNotes @WickedNicki me too, but you don’t hear me not complaining about it lol

@NothinnXpreVails I complained plenty back in the day, lol.


Hard to answer -- I don't have many original posts. A quick scroll through the "Posts" category shows that there are hundreds of original posts that don't get any replies at all - ever.


Sometimes less than five minutes. Been on here since November and have been messaging with members since then.

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