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Something interesting...I was looking on-line (www.allabout where it explains Social Darwinism and at the bottom of the text, there is a sentence which reads: Learn More About Darwin's Theory of Evolution and just below that, it starts talking about how we are all sinners and should accept Jesus as our Saviour! It goes on to ask if we are ready to follow him (or multiple choice). Am I the only one who has experienced this?

DarwinistOne 7 Mar 21

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Some of this is as simple as ads on sites. You might find ads on Atheist Nexus for example, but the site itself is not religious. Other times it really is sneaky sites that want to throw their false 6000 year old "god science" on you.
Since the Internet will be the death of god in the end, we have those online now making unheard of claims for their deity and coming up with new "science" proving the word of god.


That's like the fake $20 bills they leave laying around in stores and leave as tips for servers.




Simply put, social darwinism is the belief that Darwin's ideas about natural selection and survivial of the fittest applies to cultures and societies. Supposedly the competion between societies and cultures will lead to the best of socieities, cultures and people rising to the top and dominating. Simpy pub, social darwinism is a false set of premises used to provide a basis for ethnocentirm and racism.


So, yes and no. No, they are not a part of AiG. Yes, they are out to save our miserable souls from the Lake of Fire. Their approach is slightly different, but the net result desired is the same -- bring in the lost sheeple and convert their asses. Their home "ministry" is and like, there ya go.


Okay, so curiosity has been piqued by my first venture into that world. This is what I found in their "About Us" area:

"Many people refer to us as “Christians,” but we consider ourselves followers of Jesus. Like Jesus, we reject many of the issues found in “organized religion” (man-made attempts to reach God through rules and rituals). Actually, we believe religion has kept more people from the truth than anything in history. Although we reject man-made religion, we consider the personal pursuit of God as paramount in each of our personal life journeys.

This information is offered by, which is structured as a 501☕(3) non-profit corporation. If you would like to support our efforts, you can make a tax-deductible contribution here. Thanks!"

With the way this was worded, I suspect they may in some way be associated with Answers In Genesis. So, with that, the nose guides me along.

Looks and sounds just like another religion to me.

@DenoPenno -- That it is. One of the more cherry picking types. After reading some of their distortions, I came away laughing.


I haven't encountered that. As is my wont, I'm off to investigate. Never know what I might find.

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