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The way some of these transportation drivers drive...Jesus better take the wheel!

I went to my appts today and both drivers nearly hit someone. The other one she almost hit was going 20 mph in my place's parking lot. She spun to turn around to bring me to the door. Some drivers need jesus at the wheel! Lol.

Sarahroo29 8 Mar 21

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I drive a big truck in places they shouldn't be allowed and it's just scary the things people do in traffic with trucks. They aren't near as responsive as everyone thinks they are. The best plan is to give them all the room you can. My pet peeve is if I need to make a lane change and someone speeds up beside me when they see the turn signal. Often after I've started the move and then they say I cut them off. Please oh please don't pass a truck with a turn signal on. There is a good chance you are where I can't see you.

I don't drive.


That would be an accident looking for a place to happen.



When I was in Korea many years ago. I think the prerequisite for getting a taxi drivers license was the video game Pole Position.



Dial-a-ride kind of service or regular fixed route mass transit?

Coach transportation for appts. They are always late with the worst drivers. Some have road rage.

@Sarahroo29 They're probably not union, underpaid, undertrained and overstressed. I'm guessing the regular fixed route mass transit system (you're in Colorado Springs right? ) is run better. At least that's how things are up here in the Twin Cities. Are these coach transportation buses your only option?

@kmdskit3 For paid rides for appts through my living center. City buses take too long.


That's funny. My daughter posted this Instagram photo and captioned it, "Jesus took the wheel."



Bob Newhart - the bus driver training school ....

yep, your drivers passed the course!!



@Sarahroo29 Thought you'd like it -- A classic comic bit from a comic master.

@pops410 Yes, I did.


Firstly, yuck. Secondly, I'm with the feminists demanding it be shut down - I don't think this helpful in ending the sexual objectification of women at all, and not at all good for the pyschology of men who would want to use such a service either.

Jnei Level 8 Mar 21, 2018
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