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I read that book a few years ago, very excellently done.


Very moving, and very sad all at once!


Shortly after my partner died I read this book. The first half was truly enlightening and revealing. BUT the 2nd half simply negated what the author touted in the first half and it made me mad. The author was an Indian doctor as was his father. The author said that when someone is suffering and want to die 2/3 of them are talked out of it (from such programs as Death with Dignity - which my partner opted) by 'loved' ones and then he proceeded to do the same with his father despite all the ordeals his father had to go through. I was not the only who got a huge disappointment from this book but I did use some of the information within it to draft numerous letters (one of which was printed in all 3 of our local papers) and strengthened my resolve to promote the Death with Dignity programs (there are now 9 states that have this).

Interesting. I didn't realize that.

@Tomfoolery33 I shared information on this site including my letters and links.


An inspirational man. The takeaway for me is “...a joy that does not hunger for more and more but rests, satisfied. “

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