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What's your idea of a first great date?

SouthernSerena 4 Mar 21

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Start out on a "wanderlust ride" on the motorcycle through the N GA mountains, stopping whenever we feel like it. Take in the sights, nature, stop at the little shops and stands when the mood strikes. Partake of the great food you can only get at little stands and hole-in-the-walls you find up there. Basically, just "be" and "enjoy", no pressure.

Head back to Stone Mountain Park around dusk with a picnic and some good wine. Set up on the mall, and then watch the Stone Mountain Laser Show.

That, to me, is a great first date. No pressure, lots of time to really get to know one another - and by the end, you'll have two things you didn't have before:

  1. you'll know if you want to have a second date
  2. regardless of 1), you'll have had an amazing day

Love motorcycles sounds like a great date to me.


What ever the activities may be, not wanting it to end or not realizing how much time has past.
I've been on dates staring into the skies and just talking then suddenly the sun comes up. Other times both of us would frantically find ways to keep it going.
This is the sign of a great date.


Amusement park.


short sunset sail, followed by a night at one of the last remaining drive in movies in town


Some park, a cold bottle of smart water, some interesting conversation.


Someone to just throw me over their shoulder and into to bed and do me! Lol! Just kidding, sorta kinda not really.


This caused me to stop and think about it till I remembered one. I live near the ocean. Walk the art vendors fair on the promenade along the beach. Dinner at cozy little restaurant nearby. After dinner, it’s night now and the beach is abandoned. Kicked off shoes and walked the sand and climbed a lifeguard stand, full moon blazing and dancing a straight line to us across the water. Good conversation and a first kiss was just right.

Ok, that sounds amazing Markus! Very laid back but easily transitioned ti romantic. Good atmosphere for both conversation and quiet enjoyment. Super first date! Thank you.


The "where" doesn't necessarily matter, although I'm sure you can have more fun at some places. Maybe an amusement park. You can still have time to talk with each other in between the thrills from the rides. A great date for me is having an instant connection. Sometimes you just get that feeling that it's right. It's rare, but it's the most enjoyable for me.



Jagga Level 4 Mar 21, 2018

Just getting one would be great! 🙂

Ok, this is just the cutest. I haven't dated in a while because I needed a break after a sour breakup. That was years ago and i quickly became ok with myself again - it just happens that no one serious has caught my attention since then. So I'd like a serious relationship eventually - but a great hook up friend of fun date would be a nice place to start.

@SouthernSerena You've got plenty of time but without sounding like an old fart it's getting less and less likely for me, good job I like my own company 🙂


First meet and greet? -- coffee/tea and a good pastry in an area that you both find interesting/fun. The guy treats (whoop $5, big deal)

First real date? - movie/play dinner/lite bite -- he buys the tix, she buys the meal ... or vice versa - @ $50 and up for play tix ... formal day, formal dress

IF not a play/dinner -- hit a museum, festival, protest march in DC -- and grab a diner meal afterwards - casual day, casual dress

It depends on the "match" - I prefer the museum/festival bit -- the goal is to learn a bit about each other - not settle for mutual entertainment. you each can find the others likes/dislikes.


Well I try and pick the unusual or uncommon. So would probably try a new kind of food or a recreational venue that you wouldn't normally go to or a provocative movie.


As in "What should the date activity be?" Or what's a great outcome? I'll answer both. I think getting together for coffee or a drink in a public (safe) place and really talking to and getting to know one another would be a great first date activity. If you hit it off and found you had commonalities and just really enjoyed each other's company and came away wanting more...That'd be a great outcome to me. ☺

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