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During my workout this morning, I overheard a trainer (non-freethinker) talk to his charge about how he prayed that it wouldn't rain this morning because that would make his second job harder. Miraculously, his prayer was answered by Jesus. Should have asked him "If you want an all powerful god to grant you a wish, why did you pick a selfish wish instead of say, I don't know, children not dying or peace on this planet, end to global starvation, or something like that other than 'not rain in the early AM'?"

TennHeathen 4 Mar 21

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Doesn’t it just drive you crazy when you hear things like that!! But of course you can’t say what you wanted to them but they’re allowed to say that stuff to you. And they think they’re so put upon by us kind! (Is that proper English??)

Norie Level 5 Mar 22, 2018

There is a good definition of prayer in 'The Devil's Dictionary' by Ambrose Bierce - 'To ask that the laws of the universe be annulled on behalf of a single petitioner, confessedly unworthy.'


Listening to that is just too much for me. I guess in their minds they are having a psrsonal relationship wirh Jesus.


Their god is of theirself and for themselves. It will always provide its rewards, personally.


Gad. Don't try logic on them--they don't understand. I have a cousin who claimed that god did not let a tornado hit a town in which she and her husban where having dinner until after they left. So, god hated everyone else in the town but loved my cousin? Uh-huh.


Seems like many believers use the "prayer of convenience" . Pray when you WANT something !


LOL! Funny. But of course he only wanted something for himself. Strange that you consider controlling the weather a "god" thing, since the Native Americans routinely controlled it, as well as any white children captives who had been with them over six months before being returned to their white families. It's also common in other cultures as well.

Of course if you've been told all your life that something is "impossible," it won't work for YOU.

Very true about NAI being able to control the weather. As a Deaf child, I led a very shaman-like life as I grew up in the Pine forest and lived with the elements, animals, trees, flowers, etc. My mind was still in the language-less mode and I was able to detect weather and predict rain and make rain come. As I began to develop English language and communicate with others - I began to tell friends. They didn't believe me... so I would do my lil' ritual of meditation/praying/communing with the clouds... sure enough some time later, it'd rain. It used to freak the kids out. I learned that it wasn't accepted in a capitalistic civilized white society.

@DeafGypsy Sure, but anyone can do it..without ceremonies, etc. I used to have to concentrate to stop a storm or make it rain, but after a bit, I could do it with a simple thought. My kids did it, and most men I dated very long were soon doing it also. I made the mistake of mentioning it to a classroom of kids at a private school in Durango, CO. They immediately told it to start snowing.

It was April, so I told them that wasn't a good a idea, so we bargained. It could snow two inches, I agreed, than it had to stop. It started snowing within a few minutes and I sent a kid outside with a ruler to measure the snow until it reached two inches, then it stopped. I then let the kids go outside and go sledding and have snowball fights for an hour, then the temperature rose and melted the snow.

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