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Alternative Lifestyles

Are there any members that have tried Alternative Lifestyles?

Thirdeye1957 3 Mar 22

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I travel the Renaissance festivals is a career lifestyle choice you know I do have a home base in Tennessee.
I've been in a monogamous relationship I've been in a swimming place in shape I've been in a polyamorous relationship.
I have done equally well in all of these types of relationships


Def8ne Alternative Lifestyles..aside from the oligrachy lifestyle.


Still do a bit in suburbia,
grow much of my own food, alternative /renewable energy only
raised my kids on a commune, lived there for 7 years full time and a few part time.


Well I'm old so I've tried many, wife and were swingers and now that we no longerare active I've become a CockSucker! I love it and don't feel that it is wrong!


We have a group for those interested.


I AM an alternative lifestyle!


I have never been interested in alternative life styles and the people who 'went down the rabbit holes' in my (tomorrow bd 78 yrs) years, have not turned out well! Life is not a one night stand and from my perch...a life is built of respect and high standards of conduct. Even what we do behind closed doors, can erode or support our own self-respect! In the end that is all that we own that is truely ours and it is what we end up with...when we die!

Hey, my birthday is tomorrow, too. I'll be 60. Happy birthday!

@LimeySteve well...HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO US!

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