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The look on her face! Lol.

Sarahroo29 8 Mar 23

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What I would have given to be in the studio when the cameras were turned off!!

Haha. Me too.


Thats trumps favorite scapegoat victim Maxine Waters from CA on a news show?

Idk? I don't watch TV.




High colonic comes to mind.


That is the face! Lol



I guess there is something wrong with me because I have never experienced this. Maybe I just hang around with the right people!

Well, duh. You live in one of the most progressive, if not the most progressive state in the U.S. LOL

@VictoriaNotes This part of the state anyway and San Juan county is even more so than the rest of the state. That's why it's hard for me to understand others but I am really trying. I know it exists and also see it doesn't have to but am also a realist. Nothing will change for the better without a struggle.

@JackPedigo I understand. Out of sight out of mind.

@VictoriaNotes No, it is not out of mind. It gnaws on me constantly. I may not have experienced some things but I still see them and I will not turn a blind eye!!

@JackPedigo Thank you. You wrote: "That's why it's hard for me to understand others but I am really trying."

But you were in two bad relationships. I think you may have a better understanding than you realize which probably contributes to your empathy and concern in this regard.

@VictoriaNotes My second partner and I were having problems with my daughter. She climbed out of a window to run-away for the weekend to be with a toxic boyfriend. She was a pathological liar (this all came from living with a bi-polar mother and alcoholic step-father). So we attended a session of a tough love group. Afterward we saw that our problems were mild compared to what others had to endure (one common problem was single mothers who were being bullied by their teen aged sons). One mother turned her daughter in for drug abuse. She told the group she visited her daughter in jail and the daughter called her mother a mean, old, fat bitch). Everything is relative. At the time I didn't think so but now I see my problems were a drop in the bucket compared to others. Besides, I have always been empathetic and concerned + I came out far better for my experiences.



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