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Beauty exists in the eye of the beholder, as the Aphorism goes. In truth I agree with this statement. I still to this day do not understand why it is as such that females believe that wearing a mask makes them more beautiful.

The term person derives from the Latin term persona- meaning mask or character (think actor).

I discovered some time ago that a female in make up or mask, was difficult to fall in love with. Is the initial meeting one of made up beauty or natural beauty? Does she hide the true nature of herself behind her painted lips and eye shadow? Do men fall in love with the Actress and her make-up? Or do men become moved by the nature of beauty in it's purest form?

I still have problems understanding why beautiful women paint their face with a somewhat false reality. Truth in it's purest form is Divine and Noble.

Social Cognitive Inference = Social and or Operant Conditioning.

Etre 7 Mar 25

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Of course, a lot of women who wear make-up might just be doing so because they happen to like it.

Jnei Level 8 Mar 25, 2018

Don't hate me because I'm beautiful...

@Crimson67 thank you. Not everything women do is for the male benefit nor are we required to explain ourselves to you.


Your loss, pal. As a lot of people already stated, most women (not 'females,' what are you, a Ferengi?) wear makeup because /we/ like it. Some dude's lofty dismissal of such isn't going to change anyone's mind.

Furthermore, maybe some of us wear it because we are ugly and would rather not be stared at for that reason. But, well, as society has shown time and again, ugly folks clearly aren't human.

Ferengi, lol

I wonder if they wear makeup

No not into fictional space characters. And if you would like to be technical, there exist in Social Consciousness and or Societal Norms.... females fall into three categories due to social standing, education, and heritable lineage.... just like males.Lady/Gentleman , woman/man , girl/boy.... this does not refference sub-categories .... the German Language is spoken in three levels linguisticly. High, Middle, Low these are also cultural. ENGLISH, is a branch of Low German. American English is not proper nor is it correct to the Native English Tongue. American English is improper, but also spoken in three levels of Cognizance. Legalese (language of law and state), Academic Syntax and Grammer, slang english spoken by ordinary persons.

And those people who judge you are not real. They are not human. You should not allow those persons to subject and or stereotype you.

Without imperfection, perfection does not exist. Musician are trained to be perfect. The Great Musicians discover that musical imperfections create "perfect" moments in Time.


@btroje They weren't even allowed clothing. And I have no idea why I remember this 90s shit... XD

@memorylikeasieve I had to look it up


As @Jnei said, maybe they like wearing it. A better question is why you feel entitled to tell people what to do with their own faces or why you think women owe you an explanation for what they do?

This. ??


Why is it you never hear this criticism of a man in say, a well cut suit. The reasons are similar. He likes the look, it makes him feel more powerful,attractive etc. But nobody is bitching that him wearing what he wants on his body is "false advertising".

Or beards. As an alternative to the make-up argument, it could just as easily be argued that men look so fake and unnatural when they're not hiding their faces behind the mask of a beard, so they should stop trying to trick women into thinking they're too young to have facial hair by shaving! 😉


It makes me feel good. It takes about a minute for me.
BTW, I also wear a bra. Is that OK?



One of these days we'll just be able to live our fucking lives without having to explain ourselves. insert eye roll here
Please also see the attached photo for future reference should this question come up again.

You are taking it the wrong way.

Did you not understand the premise. I was not complaining, nor was I judging. The first few sentences clearly state the thesis. Why it is such that females/ladies/women/girls think they have to wear make up when they ar already beautiful.

You have Great a Complextion, Excellent Skin Tone, Beautiful Features, Perfect Hair...... Divine even in your Solace.

So is the make up that which makes you Beautiful? No...!! .No its not... you are Beautiful before you put the make up on. And that is the Heart of the Matter.

@Etre Yeah, well that complexion and "excellent skin tone" came from a bottle. That "perfect hair" took an hour to style the way I like it. You contradict yourself so your bullshit compliments fall on deaf ears. You clearly know nothing about the subject and thus should not speak on it.

@Etre And again, I will just leave this here as a reminder.

The make up is only excentuating your natural features. And your right, I know nothing about the cosmetic industry. Never stated as such. You have natural beauty, I apologize for offending you... I am not a sexest.... I believe in Equality.

Thank you for the reminder. And my compliments where very sincere, however disallusioned I might have been. All I am trying to say is WOMEN DO NOT HAVE TO WEAR COSMETICS TO BE BEAUTIFUL. Do you think I have not looked at your other pictures. You a very beautiful, smart, and witty. I am honored to meet you. Please forgive me if I made you feel less than perfect. I am Honorable, Sincere, and with Respect even in my Ignorance.


@Etre you're an idiot.

@Etre uh no. You definitely are.

Quite amusing and fun as well as racking up some points. I am ok with idiot from a person who does not know me. Poly Math.


In answer to your question , men want the woman with the model/actress look , but without the make up they wear . Men approach the made up woman first and frequently , because their eyes pick up on the makeup . The , "mouse ," who may look just as good , if made up , doesn't get a second glance . Most certainly they've made many movies about the ugly ducklings , but in human terms , the movies routinely , take off the glasses , fluff out the hair with lots of hair spray , pile on the makeup , and change her outfit to something gorgeous and sexy , which wouldn't be appropriate in any of her normal activities .


Seems like a great question. But I'll let women answer because I wouldn't know lol. It's true some care about the whole picture like what you have described, myself included.

smart man


There are many reasons pro and con on the make-up debate. Then there's how much, how extreme etc. Plus if you really don't know what your doing it looks aweful. 😉

If a person enjoys wearing it who's business is it?


One only needs to see that picture of Tyra Banks without makeup to settle that question.


I've known plenty of men who seek out eye candy and wouldn't be caught dead with a homely woman. Some men see being with a beautiful woman as a status symbol for themselves, it's like they've won a prize. I truly wish some people weren't so superficial as life would be much easier. Looking my best, especially as I get older, gives me pride. Besides, it's usually women who are judged by their looks, not men.

Thats the point I was trying to get across. In my 20's and married, I was extremely superficial. Raised on pop culture without even knowing or understanding what consciousness is or was. As I grew in classical education and fine Arts.... my conscious perception on reality changed. I stopped being emotive and began to understand and feel true emotions, and maybe the experience existed from being able to express and communicate, true emotion. This experience deeply affected my ability to create Art. I discovered that Beauty is not a superficial experience, Beauty is the nature of ones being.


I agree girls are beautiful and need no war paint. also make up is not tested for carcinogens as it is not ingested and has been linked to various cancers. you'd think some university somewhere would fund the required studies .the marketers should be shot


This is a great question. I don't care either way as long there is mutual attraction.


Beauty is manipulated especially by females and that's because although it's subjective there are general universal fitness indicators and ways of sexualizing ones self. Which is what happens with adornment and enhancement. As a personal note Id rather have a naturally good looking woman as I can easily appraise her (Lol,I know sounds weird right) and it's a show of confidence in herself.


There's a lot of variables but I basically agree


It's called concealer for a reason.

That would be the little stick of colour that you hide spots with.


Women spend much time putting on their mask before going out in public, then say they are looking for a "real" man.


I had studied some of the visual cues. When a woman is excited her lips will get more blood in them so the idea behind lipstick is to attract a mate. There are many other cues that is one that sticks out the most. Rosy cheeks, defined eyes or widened eyes. This is all primal cues that have been exploited. Do not get me wrong men also produce visual cues.


My personal view is that a confident woman will use only a little makeup to accentuate her beauty. My gut reaction to girls who ware lots of make up is that they are either A - hiding something, B - have self-confidence issues or C are shallow, vain attention seekers. All three of which are deal-breakers and would make me avoid them like the plague.

Nomad Level 6 Mar 25, 2018

Following on from the video below, there are certain features which are likely to result in sexual arousal / increased precived attractiveness. Slim waist, wide hips, big boobies etc. If these are exaggerated they can make someone more attractive, even if the exaggeration is beyond what is natural. Look at plastic surgery and how women are portrayed in comics and some video games for example. We see examples of this in nature too. For example the stickleback. For a male stickleback the more silver and rotund a female is the more attractive she is - her increased girth shows she is laden with eggs that need fertilising. These ques are so strong that a silver ballbearing will be more attractive than a real female stickleback. Humans are not much different ?

Nomad Level 6 Mar 25, 2018

This video pretty much sums up the reasoning behind makeup.

Nomad Level 6 Mar 25, 2018

What video?

Yes, when I was young I didn't bother; but now I know that men AND WOMEN treat women better if she wears make up I tend to wear it more. If people are that fickle who am I to argue? High heels I tend to use less.

@KKGator link didn't past properly first time. It's working now.


I have no problem with people doing whatever makes them feel good about themselves.


Actually, beauty is scientifically is proven to be a real and quantifiable phenomenon, with quintiles based upon various hard coded features relating mostly to symmetry and implied genetic health.

Makeup is designed to exaggerate or accentuate those features found desirable.

Agreed, as it is so in nature..... the subject matter is as such..... in basic terms...... women wear make up to beautify themselfes.... but what if they are already beautiful.... why do they need the mask.... for societal or behavioral reason? Is it a conditioned response?

True story..... a beautiful lady that I worked with for a time, was by all means exquisite.... A Lady.. and i do not like speaking in this manner...... but one day before work while getting coffie, before a meeting, her boyfriend was present. I spoke to her in passing, "why are you wearing make up? You do not need make up you are a natural beauty. Her boy friend remarked,"I know I tell her all the time but she thinks she needs it." I left the establishment and did not think much of it. Then I begin to notice that she had stopped wearing make up. I honestly do not believe I saw her with make up on again before I left the venture. She is a friend.


some women do that


I quit wearing make-up a very long time ago, when I was still in my 20s.
I never liked the way my skin felt when I had make-up on. It felt like I couldn't breathe.
I'm really glad that I haven't spent decades wasting my money, and time, on what I've
always felt was a silly social/cultural construct. I'd rather buy moisturizer and sunscreen.

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