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What harsh truths do you prefer to ignore?

Mea 7 Mar 25

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Beyond our governments' abuses, religious institutions, right wing extremists everywhere, social injustice, holy wars, wanton environmental destruction,...

Not much really.


We're all doomed.
On the bright side, once we die, that's it.


I know I,m irresistible to women bug I have chosen to ignore it due to my modesty and good breeding .

Can confirm this to be 100% true.

@Donotbelieve I thank you and have chosen to make an exception in your case !!
You lucky girl !!! or should they be question marks ?

@MarcIveson No question marks. I am, indeed, a real woman.

@Donotbelieve Ithink you realise that wasn't what I was questioning .

@MarcIveson yup

@Donotbelieve LMAO

@irascible I know I come from the UK . I was born and bred here .... A common expression .


That I have well passed my prime, I am on a downhill run.
I am not scared of death, but for now I will keep doing stuff.


That the future has a place for people like me. We lower-middle-class are almost obsolete.

the lower and middle class will always have a place because of numbers. at certain point of suffering we will wake up and kill the rich and plunder their stuff but what is the point of suffering it will take?

I'm pretty certain they will kill us off first

We probably actually NEED “the rich” here in the USA - they at least keep us free of being dominated by some Islamo rich KOOKS!

I’ll take the devil I DO know!


At just turned 70 I get more tired than I used to be and I ignore it and push through and then find myself with aches and pains that spoil my evenings viewing time tryign to get comfortable ..doh I'll never learn!


Life not having inherent meaning (Of course we find our own meaning). I'm still recovering from religious indoctrination so that truth is still hard to realize.


That my pay from this month has little or no chance of stretching to the next one


The truth that I hold myself back daily. Especially when I'm depressed. It makes it easy to come up with reasons not to do something. So the harsh truth of my life is that I would probably be far more successful and not in nearly as bad of shape if I'd stop holding myself back.

I'm sorry, that's no doubt a difficult situation to be in. Baby steps are always good, so the fact that you do recognize there is an issue can be very significant in finding help and making the changes in your life that you'd like to see.

@Mea Yes. I am definitely working hard on pushing past that hard truth. But I am my own worst enemy. A nemesis of myself, if you will. 😉


The threat of nuclear annihilation!


Why would I ignore them?

@LeighShelton, out of fear or comfort? I agree that ignoring anything for too long can cause problems, but always fretting over something, especially something you may not be able to control, can be draining.

I don't fret or worry about things I can't control as it only hurts me and helps nobody. it won't go away sticking your head in the sand either.


None I love truth and actively seek it it's my highest purpose.


That Taylor Swift and Justin Beiber are stars. It is unequivocall proof our nation is in decline.

“Elvis” should have taught you this...


That Taylor Swift and Justin Beiber are stars. It is unequivocall proof our nation is in decline.


That I can’t keep procrastinating my homework.. or can I?

Marz Level 7 Mar 25, 2018

That death is probably closer than I like to think.


How about you Mea?

@ReBrew2115, I often worry about the direction humanity is going as awhole--especially in concerns to the environment. We're destroying everything and I wonder how much more we can destroy before we cause a worldwide disaster and everyone faces the threats of starvation, disease, pollution, etc. And being a college kid, I stress out about money a lot because I'm paying for everything entirely by myself without student loans and a lot of the time I barley squeak by as far as paying for tuition, books, food, and housing goes.

@Mea Understandable. Those are all reasonable things to be afraid of. I would be if I were in the same position. I've always dealt with a fear of the end of the world but it didn't really get driven home for me until I saw "Interstellar" which depicted the outcome of severe climate change very accurately. It was disturbing to me and even more disturbing was the bleak outlook for life on the planet. But... I like to think that science will find a way. That people will change. And hopefully, it won't be too late.

That's one of my favorite movies!

@Mea I love Christopher Nolan in general, but I thought Interstellar was one of his best.


As Thomas Wolfe wrote, You Can't Go Home Again. I think many of us, including myself, try from time to time, or perhaps think of trying, to somehow go back to the time, a time, we were happiest in life; when we were carefree and had our whole lives ahead of us. But, the harsh truth is, it will never be so. So we plod on ignoring the reality and hoping that someday...someday...knowing deep down it will never be.


No one has any idea what LOST was about.


I am getting older and slower.


That some people can literally crush your soul


That we are all, always, alone. Then if someone reaches out i get a lovely warm feeling!


That I won't get to see my dad or grandpa again. Cancer's an asshole.


Budgetary reality...

Ungod Level 6 Mar 26, 2018

The negative side effects from the amount of weed I smoke. In the words of Sloan Sabbath I'll cross that bridge when I come to it. lol

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