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LINK In Israel, some Ultra-Orthodox Jews, known as Haredim, trade tradition for modernity - The Washington Post

Incredible story... summed up in one line.

"She’d never seen a smartphone or heard a radio before she fled. She’s racing to catch up."

Amazing that there are communities like this, where people have deliberately walled themselves off from the outside world, and because it's Israel, where their religion holds a privileged position, the outside world cooperates and stays away. People who have never seen a McDonalds or heard of Boston. As if the Amish walled their villages off.

Paul4747 8 Dec 6

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You do not need to look all the way to Israel to find these insulated communities. I live in Virginia now, but lived in Rockland County, NY for 20 years. I worked for the public schools there and as such, served special education students in some of the Yeshivas in some of the Hasidic communities. It was like stepping back 100 years to Romania or Hungary. It is no less a cult than any fringe group. I don't miss it.


I had some contact with Amish as I pursued a runaway dog from a puppy mill in PA...I had just rehabbed from shoulder replacement & when one grandma asked me how I got that awful scar it was obvious she had No Idea there was "shoulder replacement". Walls are so unnecessary!


Again the correct term is 'Haredi Judaism' I am surprized that the Washinton Post lets out these mispelled classification concerning religious definitions and rites. The Jewish people are very conscious of their religion and how it is explained or defined. In my travels to Israel, I found their English almost without accent or correct pronounciation. Clarity was also well spoken.


Israel used to have its own kosha clone of McDonald's - McDavids




I've seen plenty of Amish in "English" stores, like McDonald's and Sam's, etc. Even seen a few in bars; I knew one guy who was a regular and had his own cue stick and played a good game of pool.


It's a real shame that anyone, individual or corporation, cooperates with that bullshit.


Sorry it won't let me read it without paying.

@NoPlanetB It may be because I am in the UK, they may do it for free as a promotion for the paper in the US but make overseas people pay to read the content.

@Allamanda No How do you do that ?

@Allamanda Not sure what an incognito window is, but the website recognises your region from your IP address and automatically blocks access. I'm also in the UK and had the same problem.

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